Veast Week is Under Way


Over in the Ask Chris section I postulated the idea of mixing the Pulse Feast with the V-Diet by replacing the “Feast” component with a large V-Diet shake at the end of the day to see what results it would deliver. Would is see the similar fat loss results as a V-Diet or V-Diet w/ Pulse Fast days? Would I suffer any negative effects vis a vis energy levels, performance issues?

Yesterday was my first day, and I’m halfway through day 2 now, and I have to say I feel awesome. Energy levels have been good, performance in the gym this morning was fine. I workout insanely early in the morning (4:30am) Pre-workout I’m taking 6 BCAAs and 1/2 scoop of chocolate whey isolate. Post I had the other half scoop of whey isolate. At 8:00am I had my first Pulse and will have my second about an hour from now.

For my Feast shake last night I had 3 scoops of Low Carb Vanilla Metabolic Drive, 2 scoops Superfood, 1 scoop Leucine, 3 Flameouts and 4 FA3s.

Pulses are 3 scoops of MAG-10 w/ 2 scoops Power Drive in 900ml of water.

I just got a fresh shipment in from Biotest because I was getting low on supplies.

If the week progresses as smoothly as I hope it does I will have a Saturday of protein-dominant, ultra-low carb HSMs followed by a Sunday Pulse Fast and then next week I’ll do a full V-Diet with Pulse Fasts on Tues./Thurs. or Tues./Fri.


Awesome. Thanks for starting this log. Should be a good one!


No worries. Planning to stick to this one more strictly than my previous log.

What interested me in trying this experiment, and the thing that attracted me to the V-Diet in the first place, is the structured format that basically removes all of the temptation for you. You just have to have the discipline to stick to the Pulses and Shakes. It removes “food choices” – and that’s where I fall down most of the time.

After I got really sick this past weekend mid-way through my V-Diet (which had been a success up to that point) i toiled around the holidays and ended up back up around 230. I started Lyle MacDonald’s RFL PSFM, and during the week I’d do fine, but then the yo-yoing effect would kick in some. When it came to “cheat meals” or whatever I’d just make dumb choices and outwitting myself. Once I start convincing myself that my body “needs” carbs or higher calories to “reset metabolism” all bets are off, and it’s really amazing to me (in some psychoanalytical ways) how the mind rationalizes shitty diet choices when cravings are an issue.

I’d diet down all week and pack on 5-7lbs at the weekend and start the beginning of the next week “farther behind” than I was on Friday, which savages my mental attitude toward progress and dieting. Once I see a “slip” it’s easy to slip a little more, and before I know it, I’lm going to end up up 10, 15, 20lbs. … as someone who was once a morbidly obese, dead-on-his-feet 440lbs. backslides are a dangerous game. It has taken me months to get over sliding from 180 back to 230.

So finally I thought, look, you’re fat, dude. Your metabolism right now can take a little bit of a beating because it’s not going to slow down quite as fast or dangerously as a leaner person restricting calories to the same extent… so what if I looked at this differently.

I’m the sort of person who you can say: “Do this” and I can do it without a second thought. The structure is there, the choices are made for me. It becomes as simple as multiple choice or true / false. I’d have to be willfully screwing up to fail at the V-Diet or Pulse Veast, I figure, to get it “wrong”

So it’s all about borrowing components and building something structure that’s going to work for me, and that I know I can follow, without the temptation of needing to “refeed” or “cheat meal” myself into a backslide. Don’t think of it as a “carb reload” or a “refeed” or a “cheat” think of the HSM with everything I’ve learned from RFL and Precision Nutrition. I KNOW what a HSM looks like. THAT should be the weekend “refeed” – solid, lean protein. Some healthy fat. Some veggies. Boom. I don’t need to get bogged down in how much fat vs. carbs to throw me into keto or any of that crap. Throw 5oz. of protein on a plate 1/4 of an avacado and a salad or steamed veggies and I’m done.

Then, next week, get back to the structure. Rinse, wash, repeat for a couple weeks and before you know it the cravings are busted and you’ve set in place new routines, new habits and a new way of looking at things.

THat’s my hypothesis, anyway, and that’s what I’m hoping will be born out of this experiment.

This week is the “assault” transition, the next two weeks will be something more rational, but still aggressive

I have to say, on the third day I’m feeling great. Sharp, alert, focused and determined. I’m doing an hour-long mid-day walk at around 3.0/3.5 mph every day weights Tu/Thur./Sat. something metabolic on Sunday - either the V-Burn or one of Roman’s new circuits. The results have been good so far. I feel lighter and less bloated than I was at the weekend. I was at 212.2 last Friday, after a weekend of idiocy I was back at 218.6 on Monday morning. This morning I was at 214.5. But I’m DOING less and getting good results. Last week I would swim in the morning for 45 minutes and walk for an hour to see the scales move every day (psychological torture)

This week I’m being more rational about the types of cardio I’m doing and getting more serious about weight training.

Over all, I feel really good about where this is headed.


What a great week all-in-all. I dropped 5 1/2 pounds and 1 1/2" off my waist. But better than that, I felt awesome. So much so that I’m super tempted to go for it again this week. But i won’t. I’ll do a week of “transition” with strategic “pulse fast” days mixed in. So, today I’m doing shakes all day with an HSM for dinner.Mid-week I’ll do a pulse fast as it’s an “off day” (even though I’ll do a body weight circuit from Roman’s 4-Minute Monster Sets workout).

Next week I’ll do another Veast Week and set myself up for April

Interestingly, I came across the Big Breakfast Diet, which seems an awful lot like an inverted version of the Pulse Feast strategy, which makes me consider a Veast Week protocol where I flip things around and have the Big Breakfast Shake" followed by a remainder of the day Pulsing at noon and evening.


Hey VT,
I know all about back slides, I just back from a week-long vacation and up about 10lbs. Anyways I like your strategy and may give something like it a try. I’ve done a few V-Diet Pulse Fast experiments and never quite found one that really clicked with me. I like your idea about big breakfast and pulse for the rest of the day. That might work well for you if you train early in the AM. Might not be a bad idea to add some carbs if it’s post-workout.


I’ve been toying with a 50/50 Surge/Metabolic Drive split post workout. Depending on the type of workout and intensity, mix either 1/2 scoop or 1 full scoop (as opposed to 2 scoops) of Surge Recovery with 1 or 1 1/2 (as opposed to 2) scoops of Metabolic Drive. I’m fine tuning that this week in anticipation of the full experiment next week.


So… How’d it go?

[quote]VTRushinCA wrote:
I’ve been toying with a 50/50 Surge/Metabolic Drive split post workout. Depending on the type of workout and intensity, mix either 1/2 scoop or 1 full scoop (as opposed to 2 scoops) of Surge Recovery with 1 or 1 1/2 (as opposed to 2) scoops of Metabolic Drive. I’m fine tuning that this week in anticipation of the full experiment next week. [/quote]