VDiet Mulligan

I am giving the VDiet another try. I started it a few months back and did not stick with it. Got crazy busy at work and just couldn’t fit everything into my schedule. I had lots of the protein and other items left over, but I went ahead and just re-purchased the whole kit in hopes that it will make it easy to follow (no fear of not having something I need) and I am hopeful that maybe I will stick with it for at least 28 days and maybe more and I’ll have additional supplements for the ‘more.’ I am also gonna try and do a log, but I don’t know exactly how to do that. Is it just doing a new post everyday or adding to the existing post or what. Anyway, here’s to my mulligan. Hoping to hit it long and straight this time!!

I post my results once every week, which include current weight and all measurements. Per day I have a weight app on my phone that just tracks my weight so thats how I log it.

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