VDiet Log of a 34 yr woman

Target: 23% body fat and possibly weight in 120s lbs.

Day 1: 05/12/14

Eating wise, day 1 was not too bad. It is definitely difficult to not chew all day. I decided to leave out milled flaxseed after reading different V-diet threads on T-Nation. Might try the flaxseed powder in one of the shakes.

Also attempted the first workout of Velocity training today. I am restarting weight training after a hiatus of almost 10 months. The first workout was a bit tough. I used 20 lb dumbbells for the squat, bench press and bent over rows. Squats were easier than the other two with the 20 lb dumbbell. By the second last set, I was having trouble going beyond rep number 6, so I switched to 10 lbs dumbbells, which were too light. Need to buy 15 lb dumbbells tomorrow.

Still have to take body measurements.

Another thing: shakes are too sweet… Tried Strawberry Metabolic Drive and Original Surge today.
Will try lime juice in one of the shakes tomorrow.

From last night:
End of day 2! Survived the second day. Family members have concerns about this diet plan. So far I am sticking to the plan. NEPA on the elliptical was tough. I did HIIT for 27 minutes (20 sec high, 20 sec low), with 8 minutes of warm up and cool down combined. 2.25 miles.

Yesterday’s NEPA was HIIT after the weight training, on the treadmill. Total 35 minutes and 2.28 miles, with 25 minutes of 1 minute high/low sequences.

I forgot shake number 5 last night, and woke up hungry at 6 am this morning and couldn’t get to sleep again.

There’s definitely increased frequency of urination on this diet. I woke up 2 times during the night to use the bathroom.

Also noticed my mind races with the morning HOT-ROX. I was quite hyper this morning.

Looking forward to day 3!

Day 3: Couldn’t get to sleep before 3 am last night, due to hunger. And woke up at 6 am again.

Also worried that I might lose lean muscle mass. The weights that I have been using for the training sessions are much lower than what I have read from logs of other V-dieters. i am not sure how this will impact my muscle mass on this diet, and the overall results.

I was already on a lower carb diet as well. Which means my results won’t be as drastic as some of the people who have successfully completed this program.

For now, I am sticking to it, with all of the hunger pangs and muscle pain (from workouts).

A recap of what last two days were like:

On day 3 had a lot of doubts on keeping up with the diet. These were due to an increase (yes, increase) in body fat by 2.5% and a similar decrease in lean muscle, as measured by the Omron weighting scale + body fat analyzer.

It’s not a good idea, but I have been checking body fat almost daily, and it isn’t decreasing, while lean muscle is, increasing my anxiety about this diet plan. But so far I am sticking to my resolve.

Didn’t think my workout was great on day 3. My energies were low due to the frustration over the issues above, and some other personal things. Still did 30 minutes of elliptical walking. The calories burnt and distance covered were (0.75 miles) lower than my average HIIT. Weight training component tough as usual, but okay.

But on day 4 (no weights day), couldn’t get the NEPA in. Was too tired after long day at work, and napped for a bit in the evening. I plan to compensate for this later today by twice long NEPA.

Sleeping is still an issue. Yesterday night couldn’t get to sleep before 3 am (had napped for 90 minutes in the evening, is that why?). And am consistently getting up around 6 or 6.30 am. Need to get more sleep somehow.

I am not sure if others have had same issue on this diet, my stomach makes very loud noise during sleep, and just before and after waking up. Still getting used to this.

I am thinking about experimenting with adding psyllium husk to the last shake of the day to reduce these peristaltic sounds from the digestive tract.

I prepare some meals for my family, and haven’t been tempted by any of their food. They are still very skeptical of this diet. But I am stubborn and won’t give up on it.

Feeling pretty good about almost halfway done with Day 5.

Shakes are too sweet to handle most times. Lime juice helps. Ice chips help too.

But still have the following doubts/concerns:

a) What if I lose lean muscle and increase body fat instead of the reverse after this 6 week experiment on my body? I am going to be very disappointed if this happens.
I really don’t want to go to a mainstream nutritionist again.

b) How am I going to keep up with 200 gm of protein or more after the 6 week period? Even on a low carb and high protein diet, I barely go beyond 80-90 grams protein in my diet. (vegetarian)

c) What happens to the body composition if I can’t take in 200 grams of protein daily after the V-diet is over?

d) Should I start eating chicken to up my protein? Anxious about doing this and the logistics since my family is vegetarian, and I have never prepared chicken. Plus the last time I ate meat was ~24 years ago. I am worried about how it will taste and if my body will be able to digest it.

e) What are the effects of so much sucralose consumption? Apparently, some of it can be metabolized by the body, contrary to what was previously believed.
If someone at Biotest is reading, please reduce the sweetness for your next iteration of Metabolic Drive.

That’s a lot of rambling for now. Will log back in tomorrow or after the workout later tonight.

Good luck to all other V-dieters out there!

On day 6! Will start a new week of V-diet on Monday. Still here.
Some friends are coming over for dinner tonight. I will need to plan shakes before their arrival.
Workout was okay yesterday. Did HIIT-ish for NEPA last night. HIIT’s are tough on the treadmill. But I am also getting active after a hiatus.

In other news, I tried a women only Crossfit class today. I liked the supportive group environment, but I still haven’t made a decision if I will go back. I do my workouts at home by myself, it was quite a change to see other women doing powerful deadlifts and pull ups. It’s kind of inspiring…

Sleep is still a problem. Got up at 5.40 am today. Will try to nap in the afternoon if I can find time.
Melatonin tablets aren’t helping with going to sleep or staying asleep. I hope week 2 brings better sleep.

Other things I have noticed: Weird mouth feel after shakes. And weird sensation in teeth all day. Stomach sounds are still persisting in the morning.

Still worried about: shooting down my basal metabolism with this diet. And gaining massive weight after starting post-transition phase.

Plan for today: NEPA
Tomorrow: V-burn challenge and NEPA and first HSM.

It’s day 10 today, i am still here.

Have been busy this week, hence the lack of update.

Upcoming things:
Travel over the Memorial Day weekend.

Need to figure out the gym situation for travel.

I will recap the last few days in the next post.

First V-Burn challenge was on Sunday, day 7.
Even with the workout video, I had trouble getting the right form for the knee walkouts and pike pushups. I liked the format of circuits though, since I am familiar with circuit training. I thought I would do much better in terms of time for the entire 5 circuits of 8 exercises. The first circuit was completed in 5 minutes 25 seconds. But somehow the entire V-Brun workout took 35 minutes and 10 seconds. My hands were quite tired after the completion of the workout, specially the palms. This is because a lot of exercises in that circuit require supporting bodyweight on hands and feet.

HSM was also on Sunday. I had it in the mid-afternoon. It didn’t feel like a rite of passage kind of thing. I was okay with it, didn’t have too many expectations, and was surprised how ordinary that experience was. My mother was here at that time, and she cooked a great meal. I had an egg white omelet with chopped onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, ginger, green chillies and cilantro leaves. For the salad, there were lettuce leaves and daikon radish. I also had some cooked veggies that my mom had made. I didn’t feel a heightened sense of smell or taste. Food was good, and I was full, but not in the carb-loaded sleep-inducing way.

With my vegetarian diet, I think the egg white omelet will make an appearance in every HSM for me. Unless I start eating chicken or fish…
I noticed that I was ready to nibble on the food as I was preparing my plate. This is something I do when not on this diet. I also hate wasting food. It took conscious effort to not eat the radishes or the lettuce leaves as I was plating it. Something to keep in mind for the post-transition phase.

Another things that I noticed after HSM: my teeth felt cleaner than they usually are on this diet.

As I have written in the log, with the sucralose in the MD shakes, my teeth feel unclean. I have that cotton mouth feeling most of the time. And a bitter aftertaste. Also have noticed that the tongue is coated white, even after repeated brushing.

On MD flavors: chocolate is the worst, it is the sweetest. I also have strawberry and vanilla which are better than chocolate. Sadly, I have three containers of MD chocolate. I have ordered the banana, which many V-dieters have liked in the past.

After this weekend, I will be at the halfway point for the 28 day phase. There’s no turning back now.

I am surprised at my discipline…

I am not doing weekly measurements yet. I might do them at halfway point. I do look at my weight though. Almost daily, in the morning, which is not recommended. It went up by 3 lbs between sunday and monday (so weekly net loss was low on week 1 measurement), then 1 lb down on tuesday and another lb down today. I am not sure what to make of the upswing in the weight.

It seems like the waist is down by 2.5 inches at narrowest and 1 inch at widest. I am not too sure though. I will postpone the measurements till later, I don’t want any non-dramatic results to deter me from this commitment of 6 weeks.

Another observation:

The lack of energy for workouts.
I am not a hyperfit person like most others here. In fact, I did not exercise regularly for many years before 2012.
It is hard for me to motivate myself to work out daily. It is a struggle.
In week 1, the only day I didn’t do NEPA, weight training or any other workout was Tuesday (day 2).

This week, on monday (day 8), I had no energy for the weight training. I tried to do a set but I was tired and my muscles were achy. I decided to only do NEPA that day and postpone weights for the next day.

By tuesday (day 9), I was feeling very guilty for missing the weights workout. So did the weights and NEPA yesterday. This week’s other weight training will be on Thursday (tomorrow) and Saturday, with V-Burn Challenge on Sunday.

Since day 2 (last Tuesday), all NEPAs have been walking on treadmill or elliptical. Haven’t had the energy to do HIIT for NEPA everyday, as I had planned. Overall, I have only done 2 HIIT NEPAs in the last 10 days.

It is not surprising to me that I don’t want to do HIIT, since it is tough and I recently started working out again (didn’t do anything between July2013 and April2014). But last time, daily HIIT and 3 strength circuits per week gave me the results (50 lbs in 5 months). So I am concerned that this time I haven’t been able to keep up with the HIITs.

Has anyone else felt the lack of energy and motivation for workouts?

Advice to future V-dieters:
The MD protein powder and Superfood in the Velocity Diet package only cover 28 days. You will need to purchase more MD, Flameout, and Superfood for the transition weeks.

Since I have been quite chatty today, here’s another tidbit:

My sleep still hasn’t returned to normal. Its day 10 and I am sleep deprived after being unable to get complete rest since the start of this diet. I hope this gets better…

Also any advice on keeping up with the workouts when traveling? Specially the weights one?

Nice work keeping disciplined.

As for sleep, I have been taking ZMA, as well as making sure my last HOT-ROX is before 2pm. Seems to work.

Day 4 I also noticed the cotton-mouthed feeling. I’m blaming the thermogenics.

Good luck!

Thanks Brandon!

Good job on completing Day 4! You are almost at one week mark. It get easier mentally after day 7 and first HSM.

I am currently on day 13 and traveling.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, if you are in US.

On day 17 currently.

Traveling back home today.

V-burn challenge time this week was 25 minutes 19 seconds.
I might have miscalculated the time for the first week’s V-burn challenge.
The first circuit this week was completed in 5 minutes 10 seconds, similar timing as last week.

Only 13 more days left.

Things on my mind:

  1. components of HSM post diet (specially, what to do for ‘lean’ protein. Egg white omlet daily will be too boring)
  2. metabolism slowdown due to diet
  3. post V-diet training. Which protocol to follow?
  4. not having made significant changes in weight loss during this diet. (clothes don’t seem to fit any different, am halfway done with V-diet now)
  5. nose, hands, feet are usually cold (since I started dieting). does this mean metabolic slowdown is occurring in my body?
  6. is hormonal imbalance the reason behind my non-dramatic diet results?

Nepa today: does cleaning/organizing count? I worked ~3 hours helping my friend with cleaning/organizing kitchen and living areas. I will get home too late in the evening for a treadmill walk…


I am on day 20 today.

Some recent observations:
Still trying to get back to normal routine after 5 days in NE.

On traveling:

Treadmill walking as NEPA was difficult to get in when traveling. There was general walking about with my friend. I will count that as my NEPA.

I missed a few shakes during the travel and after coming back (not due to lack of hunger but due to poor planning or not having protein powder on hand). Will having missed shakes hurt my metabolism or diet results?

I am retuning to regular number of MD powder scoops from today.

HSM for week two was lackluster: egg white omelet with mushrooms, and a side of broccoli. This was at a restaurant. I was hungry afterwards. Tomorrow is HSM day again. Not looking forward to egg white omelet again… Maybe I will add extra shredded cheese to the omelet tomorrow?

It was difficult to be around food when others were eating during the trip (mostly at restaurants). It got easier as the trip progressed. I took pictures of their food though :slight_smile:

Also noticed that food is everywhere (mostly proccessed food)! and so is advertising for the food. I am glad that my usual exposure to these things is quite low.

We are traveling again in a few weeks. Once during the transition week 2 and then immediately after. I will be in MN during transition week 2. And then we go to Europe for husband’s work and extend the trip for meeting with some family members. This is our first trip to Europe, and there won’t be many such travel opportunities.

At one point in life, I would have loved to go to Europe. But not in the current moment. Our grief is still very deep and gut wrenching. But still have to go due to obligations…

Any advice on how to eat HSMs while traveling would be appreciated. How do V-dieters manage eating in the land of Italy?

On Sleep:
Sleep is still troublesome. I don’t feel rested and don’t get the requisite amount needed for the normal functioning of my body.
I hope this changes in the transition weeks.

I will also stop taking HOT-ROX after day 28 (i was taking 2 pills in the morning). May be that will help?

On post V-diet training:
Any advice on what training protocol to follow for continued fat loss and strength building after V-diet?

On workouts:
Weight training workouts, apart from NEPA are going okay. I realized after yesterday’s workout that I can push myself harder. I will try it with tomorrow’s weight training.

Today is Day 25 on the diet (06/05/14)

I still have a long way to reach my target of body fat (and weight).

I need to figure out the post diet plans.

Should I extend the 1 HSM per week to more than 1 week?

Or extend the shakes diet another week?

Observation: After this is done, never want to taste sucralose (splenda) ever again…

And how do women not gain weight after they are done with this diet?

Another concern: How do you keep up this much protein in meals? I have never had 200 grams of protein daily before this diet (vegetarian). I am concerned about the post diet macro breakdown of my meals.

In terms of weight lost, I am averaging 10 lbs in the 25 days of this diet. I was hoping for ~ 20 lbs. I have a lot of belly fat still to lose, but sadly it comes off the last.

In the waist area, I haven’t made any progress in the last 15 days. I lost 3 inches in the narrowest part of the waist after the first 10 days, that measurement hasn’t changed yet. I was hoping that it would go down further.

Another interesting thing that happened is my period hasn’t come since I started this diet (not pregnant-confirmed). My ob thinks it is the rapid weight loss (its nowhere as rapid as I expected) messed up my cycle. But I have pcos issues as well, and maybe it’s because of them. Or as the body fat is broken down, the hormones stored in it might be getting released. That can also mess up a cycle. The BUN, ALT and AST are higher than normal in the most recent test, compared to when not on this diet. Hopefully this is all temporary.

Waiting for the transition phase and for the answers on how to proceed…

06/10/14: Today is Day 30.

I completed the 28 days V-Diet, and now am in the transition week 1. I can’t believe that I completed it, following the diet part to the letter. The training part shifted here and there due to travel, but I mostly followed everything.

When I started it, it was such a big deal for me. This was one grand experiment and a dedication to the angels in my life. But now that I am on the other end of it, it doesn’t seem like that big of an achievement. Have others felt this too? Anti-climatic?

I did have the unrealistic expectation of losing 30+ lbs and 14+ % body fat. Of course that doesn’t happen in 30 days.

Now I am worried about maintaining this progress, and going even lower on the body fat % front.

In the 28 days, I lost ~11 lbs (this is looking at the best case scenario, since my weight shifts upwards each day, for example, today my net loss is ~9 lbs). Haven’t done other tape measurements yet because I had to start taking progesterone last week, and that usually bloats me up. I will do the measurements in 1 week.

I am doing 1 HSM per day now, which is usually dinner, and still have 4 shakes per day.
I have decided to stick to 1 HSM per day + shakes for next 4 weeks, instead of the 1 week that was recommended on the V-Diet pages. Other V-dieters have done this as well.

I also stopped taking HOT-ROX yesterday. I am still going through the HOT-ROX withdrawal. Yesterday, I had no energy for anythting, and napped a lot. I couldn’t even muster enough energy to walk on the treadmill, and opted for a leisurely stroll outside. All that sleep that I didn’t have in the last 29 days is finally catching up. I hope that I have enough energy for the weight training session today.

The europe trip got cancelled, I am happy with that news.

I still have a lot to figure out on the eating (HSMs) and strength training plans. If any fellow V-dieters have any ideas, please share.

07/02/14. Today is Day 52 for me.
I am still doing 3 shakes (2 scoops) and 1 HSM daily. This is week 4 of the post transition for me.

Eating is going okay. There are some slip ups with raw nuts or roasted peanuts here and there. But mostly doing okay.

Exercise hasn’t been as regimented and consistent as I would have liked. Basically traveling messes up my daily schedule. On average I am still working out 4-5 times a week, with weights at least twice a week. To become more consistent, I am joining a gym today.

I am now down to 150 lbs today. When I started, I was at 165 lbs. The fat loss is painfully slow now…

I will keep this eating plan up for another month.

Good luck to all V-dieters!

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