[VBLOG] To Get Extreme, You Gotta Go Extreme

The above quote is my contribution, to like, humanity. (Hey, I mean, I’m just 26, cut me some slack haha). I feel like the best books in success literature are just the ones that give you that one main idea expressed so succinctly that you just go “Yeah; holy shit that makes a lot of sense.” And for some reason, even though you hear something you already KNEW, just worded perfectly, you finally take action on it.

I remember having a spirited conversation with my friend Patrick in NYC about “girls”, and I just recall hearing him say so many things that just made my head thing “This guy is NEVER going to do anything about this.”

Lines like…
“Well I once I do … things will be OK.”
“Starting sometime soon I’m going to start doing …”
“If only …”
“I want to learn more about … first.”

These are all fucked in that they:
(i) live in some imagined future when laziness somehow just disappears
(ii) don’t really involve taking action in the real world

I don’t really remember MUCH about this conversation, but I definitely remember the frustration I felt hearing my friend talk about what he wanted, knowing that he wasn’t going to be getting it anytime soon. I see this kind of shit a lot. And frankly, the reason it pisses me off so much is that I used to do it so much…and I still do it…just seemingly less so than before.

Anyway, I do remember telling my buddy Patrick this:
“To get extreme, you gotta go extreme.”

And, well, its time to shine the light upon myself. Get on what I’ve been putting off. Time for some extreme fat loss. Shall we?

(FYI all this heroic self-righteous bullcrap is the HOT-ROX talking, not me, K?)

Day 1: 05/13/2010

Here are my pictures from this AM. I think I took a sip of water, being parched. I was rather starved but I made sure I took all my measurements.

By the time I finished my measurements, I didn’t really feel all that tired. I read the instructions for these crack pills I just got in the mail last week (aka HOT-ROX).

I am excited, because as you can see, there is FAT to be LOST.

The mark on the lower back is from a fight I got into down Southhhh in Louisiana. Broke my hand and hence no lifting or BJJ since December.

So that explains why I a BIT fatter than usual.

No biggie…just wanna get back to good (and then better) with a little jumpstart. Hence, V-DIET time!


Height: 5’11…OK, really 5’10(3/4)
Weight: 185lbs…right away in the morning…dayam, more than I oughtta be right now by far
Neck: 15.5"
Shoulders: 46" (uh, hard to measure by myself; with one arm bent up holding the tape shut, heh)
Chest-Upper: 40.75"
Chest-Lower: 39.75"
Waist-Navel: 38.25"
Waist-Largest: 38.5" (about .5" under navel)
UpperArm-L: 13.75"
UpperArm-R: 13.75"
LowerLeg-L: 14"
LowerLeg-R: 14.175" (that’s eights byatch)
Ankle-L: 8.25"
Ankle-R: 8.25"

LOL @ measuring ankles, but hey…I’ll follow the guidelines :smiley:

Day 1:

945AM: Wakeup
10AMish: 1 HOT-ROX
1045AM: drink 1
12PM-120PM: BJJ (1 hour fundamentals class + 15 minutes of rolling)
140PM: drink 2 (sans the Flameout and FIBER CHOICE…forgot)
215PM: Starbucks large iced coffee, no sugar/sweetener, no cream/milk/crap
500PM: drink 3 (double the Flameout and FIBER CHOICE…makeup for meal 2 messup)
600PM: 1 HOT-ROX
900PM: drink 4
1100PM: drink 5

Oh yeah, and I had like 3 pieces of this “sugar free” (AKA sugar alcohol-ized) ORBIT gum. Is this cool or should I like go for a gum that’s somehow just “gum base”?

Ugh, its 237AM, I couldn’t take a nap at 7PM, or fall asleep at 1AM (stayed in bed for like 90 mins…).

Wakeup time tomorrow is 9AM (so at this point, I’m gonna be at 6 hours of sleep? oh well, I might have to just not go out this weekend to make the sleep self-correct, grrr)

Looking forward to weights session tomorrow.

Oh yeah, because of the BJJ there’s no NEPA walk today, but I’ll do one tomorrow, aiming for 30 minutes but trying to think about how I’ll fit it in since my day tomorrow is super packed.

WTF, only slept 3 hours tonite.

Dunno if its HOT-ROX or something mentally agitating me (that doesn’t go in this thread).

I had a extremely difficult time with sleep on the v-diet. It was the diet change, the protein intake and the excitement of the changes happening. Give it another day or two and if it does not level out for you, than there are some supplements that you can take. Here is the thread that talks about extra supps.

Well, welcome to the madness of the V-Team! I wish you much success and I can already tell, your gonna be a ton of fun!


Welcome buddy. Which weight program are you doing?


Thanks for the welcomes ethanwest and Jason Stoner. And thanks for the info n8tive. I’ll consider ZMA…we’ll see how the sleep goes from now on.

Anyway, its 8PM on day2, I’ve gone through 4 out of 5 regularly scheduled shakes. And I’m DEAD tired.

3 hours of sleep, long day of work (US Census work, very repetitive and tedious, but theres lots to do!), and not a workout yet. Was doing weights workout#1 today, along with a NEPA walk.

My plan is to crash for an hour, wake up and finish some more work, then hit the gym and if the rains stopped, do a 30 minute walk outside, and if not, hit my walk on the treadmill indoor.

And then come home and sleep hardddddddddd.

Oh BTW my 2nd HOT-ROX today was at 2PM (first was something like 630AM). Wonder if thats gonna allow me to sleep better.

Urgh, I make this sound so painful :slight_smile: Its just the inconvenient schedule.

Biggest fear right now: I fall asleep and stay asleep, miss shake#5, and miss workout#1. So I’m committed to getting up when my alarm gets me up!


DAY 2 continued

So, I slept for about 30 minutes (it felt fucking looooong).

I got up (had to for job stuff), did 30 mins of work, drank my peanut butter shake, came back and sat in bed. Felt tired but was just browsing BULLSHIT interwebz stuff. funnnn.

So I realize…aight, lets go to do the workout I was sposed to do today…(I was contemplating allowing myself the 1 day of slip I could get away with)

I started out with a 30 min walk on the treadmill (4mph, 0incline --> burned about 180kcals and got my HR to about 155…) The high heart rate makes me wonder if that’s just my lame ass health, or the low cals and low sleep, or if it has to do with the HOT-ROX…hence, I’m taking off HOT-ROX tomorrow, and just doing the walk later in the evening to compare.

And NOW I’m going to just put this shit on youtube…video blog times.

Here is day2:

Sorry that its a whole 10 minutes…
uhhh…and very off topic.

Apparently I’m getting to learn about my retard blah blah blah personality. Fun :slight_smile:

But yeah, I suck at public speaking (freak out in toastmasters) so I would love if a side effect of the V-Diet was that I got better and talking to a “zero member” audience, maybe when I join up ToastMasters again I’ll be better?


LOL, I nailed it…this is going to be great. Your crackin me up dude. Keep up the good work and…entertainment. We all could use it.


Today is vdiet day4.

Kinda skipped out on doing a writeup for day3, need to play catchup soon.

Feel like I’ve been “catching up” on everything for a while now…need to leave here at 715am tomorrow AM and hence wake up at 615am. So --> hit the sack at 10pm jack. so lemme be done with work, my lifting for the day, and all other crap by then today…

vdiet day3 summary:

  • no HOT-ROX
  • drank a diet coke
  • had a few pieces of so-called sugar-free gum (aka sugar alcohols gum)
  • did my 32 minute walk on the treadmill at 4.0mph, ~190kcals I think, heart rate hitting 150ish again; no BJJ or lifting

lesson of day3:

  • my cardio is pretty crap. thx to the vdiet for allowing me to ‘rationalize’ that walking is a worthwhile endeavor. day2 i wanted to blame on the HOT-ROX, but day3 made it clear…i don’t need to be running…balls to the wall, to get some cardio exercise. i need to walk fast, and that’s a ‘decent energy buster’ and will get me good enough results as far as cardio goes, for a while. thx for removing my ‘macho guy ego’ where ‘just walking’ is ‘pussy ass shit’

due to the HOT-ROX absense, i felt a bit hungrier on day3. not a huge problem though, since i know i gotta stick to it

slept reasonably, but procrastinated, stayed up til something like 230am EVEN THOUGH i didn’t go out (i recently went out for something like 30 days out of 35 consecutive days, only drank 2 of those nights (rationalization of course)…alcohol is no issue for me; i’m only out for one reason, and its not to drink…)

i let myself wake up without an alarm, think i got up around 10am the next day, day4…

day4, part1

felt like shit when i woke up…something i would have blamed HOT-ROX for…if i had taken it the day before
unfortunately, the blame is on the only girl i’ve been seeing…and whatever, maybe its not her fault, but lately i’m having weird reactions to her…but, i’m pretty sure i should just cut it. i hate my indecision in matters like these, but anyway…

i’m just 2 shakes into day4
did my walk in the AM
did this one outdoors, it was nice n sunny here in colorado…tho still cold
(though right now, a few hrs later, its nice n warm)
on jug2 of Metabolic Drive…converted from chocolate to vanilla…awesome. i only have 2 vanilla jugs, and the other 1 seems to be opened (the ‘sealed for your protection’ label). im not too concerned, but think im gonna contact Biotest (because, uh, who fuckin knows, there are SOME crazay ppl out there). vanilla tastes whey better than i might have thought (i know Metabolic Drive is more than whey, but im stickin to my puns)
got a haircut
walked around safeway thinkin bout what to do for HSM#1 (Wednesday meal#4 is my goal for that one…). got a bit to ‘craving-ey’ after 15 minutes so i came home to get the next shake, and will plan out the meal later on.
i’m thinking “Ground Bison, Sweet Potato, sauteed half onion+half red bell pepper; and then a red leaf spinach and tomato salad with EVOO and balsamic vinegar”. unfortunately, the amounts of food you buy to make this shit makes about 2 meals it seems, and i’m cutting the girl, so…i guess i can invite over a guy friend, or just throw away leftovers. (no way im saving it for another week lol)
had 1 HOT-ROX when i woke up, had my first ‘meal’ a little over an hour later (like 1115 id guess?). its now 236 (and i gotta GTFO to work!) and i feel pretty fine. prob gonna not even do any coffee or diet coke today (i know this one SUX but…) but prob have some black tea (iced, i make it myself…no sugar or other bullcrap)

Day 4, part 2

currently 1030pm.

just back from the gym, beginners training program #2. def seeing the point of ‘focus on intensity, not on sets and reps’ again, even in the 14-16 rep range.

Surge is sweeter than a fuckin wendys frosty. i think… :stuck_out_tongue:

had 1 HOT-ROX today (er…1 hot rock? heh)

only got thru 4 shakes today and doing Surge Recovery now…dunno if i should stay up another hr or 2 til i wanna do shake#5…i gotta be somewhere at 745am…so get up at…630 maybe? earlier if i wanna do the NEPA walk when i get up (nah, not happenin…)

well…i think i only had iced tea today, no coffee or diet soda. i guess thats a pretty good win.

tomorrow = probably another work day, so gotta make shakes #2,3,4 in the AM while drinking #1. then after work go for my walk, then who knows what kind of crap i can get into…

Day 4, the end

ugh, OK, just an hour later ate the 2tbsp of PB and took 1 scoop of MD and fish oil and fiber tab. I’m lacking the leucine and 1 scoop of MD…

also had 500mg magnesium and 50mg zinc (ghetto style zma concoction without b12)


Pretty much perfecto compliance. My meals were skewed a bit towards the morning though (with bigger gaps between in the evenings).

Took the 500mg Mg and 50mg Zn at night too.

Had a diet coke in the daytime.

Had 1 HOT-ROX upon waking up (about 20-30 mins before next meal). Felt totally fine!

NEPA walk = 32 mins of ~4.0mph on treadmill (first 10 mins at 4.0, lowered speed to 3.6 for a while then 3.8 then back to 4.0). For some reason even this fast walking gets mah shins tired. Lameness on my part…but its OK, I guess I’m not as badass as I once believed. Even fast walking is OK baby exercise timez.

Tomorrow, is 1 hour BJJ (I’ll TRY not to roll after haha), as well as my 3rd lifting session. I’m a retard ay? Also, 2 HOT-ROX. And a “date for drinks” (she asked if I’d be down to get drinks on day1 of the challenge, and I told her that my annorexia diet only allows me to drink diet coke. went over pretty well, so we’ll do that tomorrow).

I’m having my HSM with the other girl I claimed I was done with just yesterday. Haha. Yup, I’m a friggin tard.

BTW question, did anyone else find that trying to do the bent over rows with dumbbells instead of barbells felt really really unnatural/uncomfortable/weird? (in beginner program)

I’m going to do it with a barbell instead now…

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