V-Protein Smudge

Ey fellow V-dieters! Hope this asnt been poster before but here goes.

Ever had smudge?? Trust me,it sound better than you think.

what you need:
-2xlow carb Metabolic Drive,chocolate flavor for best result
-210calories serving of almond or natural peanut butter or any substitute you use for the nut butter

1.take 2 scoops of the said protein into a bowl
2.take the 210cal serving of nut butter
3.had water and stir until you get a smudge!

Depending on your taste you can ad/use less water depending on the consistency you’re looking for.
This you make a great spread for one of those pound cakes/bread that Chris is working on.


its better than it looks!

How about almond flour cake frosting? Been working on a cake recipe…

for this i used my 210calories(meal5) with almond butter and 2 scoop of protein, about 100-150cc of water.

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