V is for Vendetta Logbook

This is my Vendetta against fat.

Starting stats:

Weight: 259.6
Height: 74
Neck: 17
Shoulders: 54
Chest-Upper: 49
Chest-Lower: 47
Waist at widest: 45
Waist at navel: 44
Hips at widest: 47.5
Upper R Arm: 16.5
Upper L Arm: 16.25
Upper R Leg: 29
Upper L Leg: 29
Lower R Leg: 17.5
Lower L Leg: 17
R Ankle: 10.5
L Ankle: 10.5

About me… this is my second time with the V-Diet. I did it last year and did not cheat or slip up once (honest) and limited my HSM to a serving of oatmeal and 1 c of blueberries. I like that the HSM rules have been loosened up a tad. If I remember correctly, I lost about 17lbs. (went from 234 to about 217) and about 3-4 inches off my waist.

I have since done about a years worth of bulking. I am one week into the diet, but when I started I was at 259.6. Quite an accomplishment, since less than 2.5 years ago I was around 260-265 and pretty fat- in fact a good friend of mine tells me I looked like a snowman. To be close to the same weight and have my bf% be more than 15% less, means I must be going in the right direction.

That being said, I have never been able to get that shredded look I’ve always wanted. Now that I’ve packed on a fair amount of muscle, I am determined to strip away the fat and see what I am working with. I am using the V-Diet to kick start my cutting cycle.

As I mentioned above, I am one week into the V-Diet. So far, I have to say that the Biotest products have made a HUGE difference. Last year, I tried doing the diet with my usual protein powder and felt hungry constantly… this last week there have been days that I am forcing myself to have a shake even though I am not feeling hungry. If anyone is on the fence, get the Biotest products (in hindsight, I would have ordered a ton more banana flavor and chocolate with a couple of vanilla thrown in… strawberry is not doing it for me- not bad, just not great).

Here are my results from week 1:

Weight: 252.4
Height: 74
Neck: 17
Shoulders: 53
Chest-Upper: 47.5
Chest-Lower: 45.5
Waist at widest: 44
Waist at navel: 43
Hips at widest: 46
Upper R Arm: 16.25
Upper L Arm: 16
Upper R Leg: 28.75
Upper L Leg: 28
Lower R Leg: 17.5
Lower L Leg: 17
R Ankle: 10.5
L Ankle: 10.5

Total Weight lost: 7.2lbs
Total Inches lost: 9.5 inches

I’ll post up some pics at completion.

Good luck bro…made a damn good start.
Im at the end of day 4 and im lookin forward to seein my week 1 results.

Man- today for some reason my stomach is turning forcing myself to drink a shake. I am powering through it, but damn.

Great week one results… I can only hope that mine are as good. Let you know in 7 days. Keep up the great work!


End of week two results:

Inches lost this week: 3.5"
Pound lost this week: 4.8lbs

Cumulative totals

Total inches lost: 13"
Total pound lost: 12lbs

I just finished watching this movie at the time you posted, I guess as V says “There are no coincidences.”

[quote]nik133 wrote:
I just finished watching this movie at the time you posted, I guess as V says “There are no coincidences.”[/quote]

He couldn’t have said that, damn near every sentence in that movie has 8 words with a “V” in them. Kidding ya, By the way good job so far.

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