V-Dieting at a Music Festival

Hi Chris,

I’m glad to say the V-Diet has been going well so far. It hasn’t been too bumpy of a ride and logging everything has definitely helped keep me accountable.

I have a question about V-Dieting on the go. From Friday - Sunday, I will be at a music festival from 5 PM to 4 AM each day. As with many festivals, no outside food or drink is allowed in. I plan on trying to sneak protein powder in through the use of ziplocs but assuming the worst that these get confiscated, what do you suggest I do? Try to eat two HSMs at the festival each day or just tough it out and dose my protein shakes differently? I’d be having a shake immediately before going in (between 5 PM and 8 PM I’d imagine although set times for artists aren’t out yet) and would be leaving no earlier than 3-4 AM.

This is a strange situation so please let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to your response and have a great week ahead!

Most of the time, you can get protein powder through security. I had some Metabolic Drive bars confiscated at a concert once but only because the foil packaging set off the metal detectors. (Next time I know to unwrap them and pack them in plastic bags.)

Once inside, it can be a pain to get the powder into a water bottle, but it can work in a pinch. That’s what I suggest. If it’s not possible, you could have an extra scoop of Metabolic Drive before and after (just an extra big shake), then have an HSM if possible at the festival.

Great, thanks!

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