V-Dieting After Bulk

Now I have read around the forum quite a bit. I know that the V-Diet results in almost no muscle loss but I did want to clarify one thing. I have done the V-Diet 4 times and have had amazing results. I am down to 180 from a very overweight 232. I have built some decent lean body mass, and am ready to really shred up for the first time in my life this summer. I have not tried this new tweaked 3.0 version, the last time I did it was in the winter time to shed some holiday weight.

I have been clean bulking for the last 5 months. My strength has increased a great deal, and my physique has progressed. I am around 15-16% bodyfat (have the top two abs showing) and don’t want any more fat accumulation. I don’t think I have put on much fat. I am hoping to finish up this bulk within the next month and a half. I have heard that you need to give your body a time to adjust to the recently acquired muscle before dropping weight.

My question is would I be okay to go into the new and improved V-Diet 3.0 and not lose my gains or should I wait till my body adjust and then do it. I just wanted to make sure that it doesn’t matter whether you are just deciding to lose fat one day, or if you are coming off of a bulk.

Thanks in advance.

I think you’d be fine jumping right into it. And the addition of l-leucine in 3.0 will pretty much guarantee you won’t lose your hard-earned muscle.

Thanks so much for the speedy response Chris! Excited to see the results!

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