V-Dieters: Any Indigestion Issues?

I would like to hear from those that have done the V-Diet, what their experiences were with indigestion/diarrhea.

I am planning to start the diet next week but have a huge fear that this is going to give me a lot of issues. I really do not want to start and have to quit for this reason. I have had indigestion problems for years and although I been to many different specialists, they all seem to have a different diagnosis.

I did a search and found that although this is not a huge problem for dieters, that it is pretty common.

Please post your experiences, and what you have done to work through them. Specifically what helped or alleviated the gas/bloating/diarrhea.

I GREATLY appreciate any help or advice that you could give.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone? This is my only concern with the diet.

Actually, this isn’t a common V-Diet problem at all. But if you have issues already, then it could happen. Any change in diet can lead to different issues for different people.

Well I am glad to hear it isn’t common. My search most likely generated the few threads that did talk about some people who had issues.

Can you make any suggestions for someone who is approaching the diet with a history of digestive problems. I realize “digestive problems” is very broad.

I know that I am sensitive to the milled flax seeds, and milk products. Is it possible to take all of the flax in the last two shakes? This would allow me to deal with any of the digestive type side effects (gas) at home and not while at work.

I also did not see anywhere if it was alright to take digestive supplements while on the diet (i.e.: lactaid and probiotics.) I would assume both are fine but want to be sure.

Thank you!

Digestive supplements are fine if they work for you. And remember that Metabolic Drive contains glucono-delta-lactone. GDL basically facilitates the body’s ability to digest and utilize protein.

Also, those who don’t do well with dairy usually do perfectly fine with MD.

As for the flax, you’ll just have to experiment. Ideally you’d see about “fixing” those digestive issues if possible. Check Poliquin’s latest Question of Strength column we ran last week. He mentions some of these issues there I believe.

i have a history of digestive issues due to fabry’s disease. dairy has always exacerbated my issues. i am just finishing my second week on the v-diet, and find that as long as i am drinking enough water, the abdominal discomfort is no longer an issue. the first few days were a bit harsh, but now things are moving along just fine…and i didn’t use any lactaid or probiotics.

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