V-Dieter from England

So my bro and I used to both be decent rugby players. Both in the front row…both let ourselves go for differing reasons. Mine was a back injury. Now we are both going to go on the V-Diet for april…let fat stripping commence!! I’m pretty excited as I have been training and re-habing for years now. I’m big but I’ve never been lean…that’s what I’m questing for over the 28 days starting April 1st. Bring it on!

Great decision! We’ll be here when you get started to help see you through it.

Welcome to the Club. You should try starting on the 30th if you can. It’ll make everything a lot easier to keep track of if you start on a Monday.


Good idea, will post pictures and measurements soon. Still re-habing a knackered knee and lower back…oh how the years of rugby take their toll haha

So re-hab is going well…back to lifting, metabolic workouts and sprinting. My supp’s haven’t come yet but I’m eagerly awaiting the day they arrive. Was in two minds about the flavour choice. Ended up getting a mixture of all of them. Bought my flax seeds and fibre tabs along with a few other bits and bobs like vit C and Ginkgo biloba, got to stay sharp after all haha! Doing PICP 1 this weekend so will start on Monday if the supp’s arrive by then.

Front picture finally


…and back

so there we go…started the diet today and apart from feeling full and not enjoying the strawberry flavour (shouldn’t have ordered 4 tubs of them) everything is going very well. Not feeling hungry but not quite feeling fully satisfied. The thought of the results is going to see me through! That and these bloody poxy pictures!!! haha!

Welcome aboard! Looking forward to following your progress, especially if you keep using amusing foreign words like “knackered.”

Kidding, keep us posted!

good luck dude! im from England 2, routing for ya!!

Haha Cheers guys!
Not going to lie…this is hard. But then nothing worth having EVER came easy!

Feel like my emotions are up and down a lot…usually around shake time though.
Went shopping today for my HSM stuff…waitrose didn’t have any fillet steaks…I nearly broke down and cried…then I got really really angry!! haha!
I have a very long fuse so this is very unlike me!

It didn’t help when I came home and my 4 house mates had decided to make the most of the little sun we had today and were having the most glorious smelling BBQ ever! I swear I could smell it a mile away!

I couldn’t put away the last shake today…3 scoops of the chocassss shake nails me every time! Have lost around 7kgs this week though and my chin ups have gone from 4 to 12 so it’s motivational! As are the simple things like finding sprinting easier and climbing the 5 flights of stairs at my mates house.
All in all…hard week…but I’m still motivated to get this done! More so as I’m in the process of setting up a strength and conditioning facility and need to look the part haha!!! Right…sleep time!!

Ok two weeks in and still going strong. Had a bit of a slip on training as I’ve been so busy I’ve had to sack one off this week. Going to do two tomorrow to make up for it. haha!
The shakes are ok now…they taste like shit still don’t get me wrong but it’s something that has to be done and I’m not one ot shy away from a challenge cause it got a little rough. Halfway pictures coming soon.

This program is Cor-Blimey. Definitely not Pants.

I believe that is right, anyway.

All the Best

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