Hey everyone! I’ll get to point real quick. I’m 18 bout 5’7…maybe 5’7 1/2 on a good day, I currently weigh 205 on the nose. I start the V-diet tomorrow morning and am super pumped! I will post measurements and what not when i figure out what they are!

For now ill just post some pics. I would surely enjoy it if ppl who have already taken on this diet give me a lil advise on how they did it and what worked for them? anyways here is my plan on schedule for shakes!

8:00: 2 HOT-ROX
9:00: Shake
10:00: Workout, Surge afterwards
1:00: Shake with Flax, Flameout
3:00: 2 HOX ROX
5:00: Shake
9:00: Shake with Flax, Flameout, Nat PB

ok now to get some background so you know where am coming from. I am currently a senior in highschool. as a freshman i came in at a tiny 110 and started working out to get up to a lean 165!

the past two years I have pretty much stopped working out and playing sports thus gaining about 40+ pounds of fat that mostly went to my gut arms and chest. I plan on trying to get down to around 185 and hopefully less so that i will be able to tryout for the highschool baseball team with out having to embarrass my self.

I plan on this diet being the kick start to get me back to my old motivated self…anyways wish me luck!

sorry for the crappy pics ill get better ones soon.

Hey there,

Good luck to you on the V-Diet. I am currently on Day #2. The best advice I have is, JUST DO IT. Drink those shakes, that’s all there is to it :wink: . And remember, there is a finish line to this! It’s going to be a struggle at times, but adjust your attitude during those times and you will be able to make it through. 28 days ain’t nothing LoL!

Here are my measurements:

Belly button…42
Upper abs…40

I am a bit embarrassed by those measurements…I am hoping to lose alot of inches! Day 1 here I come…

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