V diet

My husband are ready to “reset” ourselves and get rid of these crappy sugar cravings, as well as get our diets back in check. He has done it before and LOVED it, so now I’m along for the ride and hoping I will love the results too!

Current weight: 139
current height: 5’5"
Current bodyfat: 18%

Workout routine will be the Intermediate V-diet workouts/advanced v-burn challenge for me. Prior to this, was lifting 3-4x/week and doing HIIT 2-3x.

I will be following the recommended amounts of protein/plazma/meal calories for women until I feel there needs to be an adjustment.

I’m excited to see how this process goes, pictures/diet log to come…

Don’t mind the crooked swimsuit top!

Day one:
Shake was great, plazma was decent too. Just finished first intermediate workout and enjoyed it…

Front squat:115x5,x4,x4,x3,x4
Pullups @bw x5,x4 x4,x3,x2,x2
Db chest press: 37.5x5,x5,x4,x4,x2

Definitely looking forward to my shake and a slow walk later

Day 2:

Shakes have been more satisfying today. I was freaked out to only “eat” one time a day, since I usually graze all day long, but I proved to myself yesterday that it was manageable… and I seriously enjoyed more time to work/study/be with my daughter since I was barely cooking!!

It was my grandfathers 92nd birthday last night and my father/step mom had a big dinner. Of course it was lasagna. Luckily my daughter loves noodles so she ate most of them while I loaded up on meat sauce and vegetables. Not the most ideal HSM but I made it work with what I had. I’m looking forward to some pork sirloin and a heaping plate of vegetables tonight.

I really miss my fake processed sugar free creamer in my cups of morning coffee, but I know that getting rid of it is more than beneficial for myself.

No workout today, about ready to pack up the kiddo and go enjoy this sunshine with a nice walk :slight_smile:

We will be traveling later this week so Im trying to prep the amount of Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout for the quick three day trip. We will be flying so I researched and it looks like protein powder is okay to carry on…it better be!

DAY 3:

Feeling good today. I found that the time I most struggle is between the first and second shake, but Ive been busy with work and my daughter today so it was really helpful.

Last night my HSM was satisfying and I was able to eat a ton of pork and vegetables within my calorie limit. I didn’t workout so I refrained from any starchy carbs, but tonight I will definitely be eating some rice…plus my husband told me I better quit being a carb-a-phobe, so I HAVE to eat some now :wink:

Workout today was day 2 of intermediate…
Reverse Lunge:65x 8,x7, x7, x6, x6
Bent Over row: 75x9, x7, x7, x6, x4
Push Press: 65x9, x8, x6, x7, x7, x5
BB Curl- used the cables since the bb’s were taken. 40x8, x8, x7, x7,x6,x6

forgot to do abs whoops.

Walked 15 minutes on treadmill incline at 3.5 mph. will go for another short walk when my daughter wakes up from her nap.

Day 14…half way there! I’ve “cheated” a few times but told my husband, I felt guilty :slight_smile: he’s doing amazing and has been my rock. I still struggle with only eating once a day-mentally it’s tough to not chew I think.

Workouts are going great great, I’m sore constantly. We did the v-burn together today, the competition in fun… Finished the six rounds of advanced in 23:45

Ive found the easiest way for me to do this is with eating food at the recommended dinner. I did a lunch hsm earlier this week and the evening was rough.

I still crave sweet stuff like crazy-but I think It’s because I’ve caved a few times and let myself eat a bit of the crap. I’ve learned to really love black coffee in the am. My heartburn is also way better. Eating slower has also been pleasant. I didn’t realize how quickly I used to wolf down food.

Pants are looser too, which is exciting. I went into the v diet being content with my figure, but it’s been exciting to see more tone that I work my butt off for.

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