V-Diet Workouts

I’ll be short and blunt.

There is no mention of warming up in the vdiet workouts. This is exactly how injury happens. Eg the intermediate day 1 that I did was heavy weights. If you don’t warm up and dumbbell press 35kg/80lbs (where im at for 8 reps) that’s no good.

Do you all get a 5 minutes warm up in first? I’m assuming that it was not mentioned as it’s common sense to not lift heavy on cold muscles and you should always warm up.


As mentioned in some older logs, any basic warmup routine should be sufficient.

Read through this: V-Diet Workout Warmup

You can search the forums for “V-Diet Warmup” and get some other results too.

My 2 cents:

If you have a particular area you need to focus on (everyone knows their own body best), you should do the warmup appropriate for that muscle, joint, problem area.

For example, I do the DeFranco Limber 11 before each workout because I have low back and hip tightness
Here’s my very limited warmup:

  • Limber 11
  • 5 minutes jumping rope to get the blood flowing
  • Deep body weight squat holding at bottom for 30 seconds (hip and back stretch)
  • Hang from pullup bar for 60 seconds (moving side to side to really get things aligned)
  • A second deep body weight squat holding at bottom for 30 seconds

I’m not going really heavy weights during these V-Diet workouts so this works for me

I’ll save my warmup and weight acclimation sets when I start a hypertrophy program after V-Diet

Hope that help some.

Thanks again!

hey man, you should start your own log instead of posting questions all over.

That way, you can have all your background info, stats, etc in one place and it will make it easier for others to follow your progress and give you tips along the way.

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Warm-ups are assumed. There’s no specific warm-up prescribed because people tend to find their own way based on what they need. As long as you’re not doing a 20-minute bike workout as a “warm-up”, you should be fine.

There are a bunch of ways to handle it. I generally do a few minutes of some easy cardio (I use the three-block walk from my house to the gym, takes about 5 minutes), then a few simple mobility drills for anything that feels wonky, and then a warm-up set or two per exercise to get up to the working weight.

Will do if I have to start a new thread I’ll just do a log instead and add all that in.

Well I do 30 mins on the treadmill before I workout. 30 mins at 6.5km/h being ~4MPH.

It’s my NEPA. Is that ok? I like to get the NEPA and the workout out the way early in the morning so I have my day free and I don’t have to worry about making sure I get it in later.

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