V-Diet Workout?

Well I think I am going to go with the beginner program since I have only been going to the gym for a year, but the workouts seem very small.

The Monday workout for example.


A1 Pulldown with supinated grip (palms facing you) for 4 reps
Rest 30 seconds

A2 Deadlift for 4 reps
Rest 30 seconds

A3 Decline dumbbell bench press for 4 reps
Rest 30 seconds and repeat A1-A3 five more times

I see that it says to increase the circuit on each workout but is that to little to do? It just seems like I am only going to be at the gym for 15 minutes. I am not exactly sure what I am asking but, I guess I am wondering is that going to be enough of a workout?

I’ve been working out less then a year and even the intermediate program doesn’t feel like a challenge. But I just did week one and am still looking for the right weights supposedly.

So…well…Get week 1 over with and make adjustments so that the weeks after that have the proper intensity.

You could reduce the rest in between to the minimum which you should have at the end of 4 weeks. Then you can focus more on adding weight+reps along the way and/or add more rounds to the circuit.

Keep in mind that this training is not for muscle/mass building. It is meant to improve stamina, burn fat and keep the muscle that you have. Gaining is secundary.

Alright Thanks

If you keep the weights heavy enough and abide by the very short rest periods, then there is absolutely no way that you’ll question the workout. It will be hard.

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