V-Diet Workout Tweaks For Job

I was a little skeptic at first about this diet until I started seeing the before and after pictures. It is a personal pet peeve of mine when people begin to tweak programs (as Dan John said "most people walk into the Sistine Chapel, look up and see Michelangelo. Then they yell “Needs more blue!”) but walking on the rest days seems like it might be a little counter intuitive for my job. Some questions I have before I pull the trigger and try it out:

For the NEPA days, my job calls for quite a bit of rucking, would this be too much activity even if it’s done at a mild pace with a 45lb ruck on soft sand?

What about swimming at a recovery pace?

Has anyone else tweaked the program the slightest? Pros and cons? Thanks in advance and I look forward to giving this a shot.

You can certainly skip the NEPA if your job involves rucking! More NEPA never hurts, but if it’s a time issue then your “job NEPA” certainly covers it. Swimming is fine too if you keep it light to moderate. With the new V-Diet, it’s easier to add in extra activity without fear of muscle loss or over-exercising a fat loss diet.

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