V-Diet Workout Substitute

Hey everyone, just ordered the stuff needed to do the V-Diet but had a quick question pertaining to the workouts

I know the diet and workouts were written together as a unit, however I currently do not have a gym membership or a great home setup.

I was thinking about swapping in the 10,000 kettlebell swing routine (I have done this before) for the workouts, doing the V-Burn challenges and NEPA walks.

Obviously it’s best to do what is written but in the absence of that does anyone think the kettlebell swing workout is a horrible alternative?


I believe a few people have tried it and done well, yep.

If you’re doing the V-burn as well, I’d do the swing workout just four days a week, not five, since you’re already bumping up the overall training from the original suggested three workouts plus V-burn and you don’t want to tap into recovery.

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