V-Diet Workout Questions

First of all I would like to say Hi to every one here @ T-Nation… Ive been a avid read of the forums for some time, Well this is my first post and its a bit tricky. Im currently interested in doing the Velocity Diet. I dont think i will have any problems with the diet. But With the workouts i will be having a problem. (Im Not trying to rationalize)

The problem is with my current job. My job involves me being confined to a area no larger than a football field and very few weights. Im not allowed to leave except for once a week for supplies and laundry…It may sound like prison LOL but its actually the oilfield.

So im quite limited on my exercises i currently just, walk and jog and as many exercises with a pair of 45lb dumbbells and countless pushups… Ive been pretty good on diets before. I currently finished up a 3month cut doing the anabolic diet.

I dropped to my lowest so far weight and BF% but i still need a bit more before i reach my goal. I seem to have been stuck after 8wks and my weight and bf remained the same for 4 weeks. So i need help, I would like to do the velocity diet but is the and other workouts that dont require a gym? well thanks for any help. Forgot to mention Ive been lifting for 3yrs just recently with my new job ive been unable to (lift heavy) for the past 6 months

Im 27 male
5’3 (I know, I know)
And a FFB…lol…

read the training in prison article.

one legged squats
handstand push ups
inverted rows under tables
dips off chairs

a little inginuity can go a long way

Wow. I can’t think of anything outside of body weight exercises? Maybe try and get a belt and plate, so you can give yourself some weight with pullups and chinups.

I get my GF to stand on my shoulder blades for pushups when I’m on holiday… maybe get a co worker to do the same?

Lol @ thought of doing squats with a big guy on your shoulders.

EDIT: Edited for my “awesome” spelling skills. I am teh l337!!1!! h4x0r!!11!!!1 all ur base are b3long 2 us!!1!

Well I have a few excersizes i currently do, But i Want to make a program that will be similar to the work out prescribed in the V-Diet. Hope fully achieve the same results as if i did the training program. I can be pretty resourceful out here, Just need some ideas of a decent program for out here.

im not that close with my coworkers Macaveli…lol… to use them for weight…lol…

[quote]south_tex wrote:

im not that close with my coworkers Macaveli…lol… to use them for weight…lol…[/quote]

No female co-workers?

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