V-Diet Workout/Plazma Timing?

Quite new here - just met the bot. Great feature.

Anyhow, just about to pull trigger on V-Diet purchase but was wondering if anyone has experience with morning workouts while on the V-Diet. If so, how is taking Plazma on an empty stomach (and/or with coffee)? I work some crazy hours and have a family so don’t have much spare time most days before I’m able to get to the gym (if I want to sleep prior to) and there didn’t seem to be much discussion on workout timing in the ebook. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

There’s no problem taking Plazma first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. A lot of people end up doing that when they train super-early. You want it in your system a little before training, so mixing it the night before might be easier so you can just wake up, have a swig or three, and get to work.

I wouldn’t have it with coffee though. If you need a boost, look to a simple caffeine supp like NoDoz, or Hot-Rox to get a stimulant boost that’s part of a more specific fat burner.

Thanks for the feedback. I tried both this morning on an empty stomach and no issue. Slugged the coffee first, then started swigging on the Plazma. Is your suggestion based on gut-rot or something else? I just love my morning coffee so would prefer to just leave this in place if there’s no real need to change.

Practicality more than anything. I’m not aware of any real interactions between coffee and Plazma, but just the idea of having hot coffee and then soon after having cold Plazma wouldn’t really sit well. If you can tolerate it or do an iced coffee or whatever, go for it.

So far, so good. Haven’t noticed any issues in my 5(?) training sessions with the coffee/Plasma stack yet.

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