V-Diet Workout Drink

Hey Chris,
I’ve been on the V-Diet for just over a week now and instead of ordering the Surge Recovery, I have just been using some Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula that I already had. I realize they are not the same thing but I was wondering if I am sabotaging my results or if you just suggest I get the Surge Recovery? Thanks.

I would actually suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. Think of it as a very advanced version of Surge Recovery used before and during training, not after, which we now know is even more important than post-workout. Very effective.

Most V-Dieters should use one serving of Plazma pre-loaded 15 minutes before a lifting workout, then 1 or 2 servings during the session. This will help them perform better during the workout, recover fast, and ultimately lose more body fat and build more muscle.

OK thanks Chris, so you even recommend Plazma for the recovery drink after the training session too?

No, Plazma is for just before and during training. You want it all “in you” during the training session so you can cram it into the muscle cells via exercise. You don’t [i]have[i] to use a post-workout drink; a V-Dieter may just have one of his Metabolic Drive shakes an hour or so training if that fits his schedule.

If you do want a post-training drink, <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 is the way to go.

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