V-Diet without Weights


Chris, My wife has been so encouraged by my results that she is considering the v-diet. I told her that 3 strength workouts are essential to the success but she is not confident that she can do that for various reasons. Correct me if I am wrong but just doing the diet portion without the workouts is going to make her skinny fat. Are there really any other options to replace the weight workouts? I would think not.



Generally not recommended, but then again I don’t like NOT lifting weights with any diet plan, so I’m biased.

It would still be a lower carb, calorie controlled diet of course, which works for fat loss. She would not need Surge since it’s a post-lifting drink.

It can be done, also a V-Diet “lite” plan could work too: 2-3 shakes per day then a healthy solid meal at night.


Hi Chris,
I was wondering which two shakes you would recommend for the “lite” plan? Meal one and two?
Thank you


[quote]smkeatrswife wrote:
Hi Chris,
I was wondering which two shakes you would recommend for the “lite” plan? Meal one and two?
Thank you

It’s up to you. If you have issues with overeating at night, have the solid daily meal earlier in the day and a shake for dinner. This keep the nighttime eating in check and controlled. If that’s not an issue, then most people choose to have shakes during the day (fast and convenient) and a solid meal at night (more relaxed, meal with family etc.)


Thank you so much for your quick response:) I am on day 6 and feeling really weak and just plain old BLEK so I’m considering trying to do that two shakes and one meal… I have lost 10 lbs though and that’s amazing to me:) just feeling like I can’t really concentrate or function normally
Thanks again


Diane, are you having the Surge Recovery drinks after weight training? Don’t skip those or your carbs will be lower than needed and it may give you a case of the BLEKs.

Also, certain food addictions have very real withdrawal symptoms, wheat for example. Sometimes the first week of the V-Diet feels the worst because of these symptoms. Nothing you can do but tough it out, but it fades after a week or so, just avoid wheat in the HSMs. I also suggest avoiding liquid milk; it can have similar effects.