V-Diet with Regular HOT-ROX?

i am starting the V-Diet once i get the supplies in the mail. i bought HOT-ROX caps Regular ones, not the Extreme, i am worried because i want to do this diet to the T, will this affect the diet alot? or should i not worry myself with it? sorry for the stupid question, but i am very dedicated and i want to do it right. thanks for the help in advance. -Sam

It’s good, but I really prefer the additional Yohimbine, Carbolin 19, and Raspberry found in the Extreme version. More info on each of those here:

I have a love/hate relationship with the Yohimbine in the Extreme - it makes me sort of fidgety/itchy (the stuff by itself does so I know it’s this and not one of the other ingredients); but it keeps my wife awake all night too so I can’t complain that much :slight_smile:

Is taking Alpha Male and HOT-ROX extreme a bad idea? I really do not feel like buying a bottle of TRIBEX to last me until my HOT-ROX runs out.

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