V-Diet with Pulse Fast



Iâ??m 53, 165 lbs; over the past 2 years of exercising religiously and following a low carb/very limited sugar diet, Iâ??ve significantly reduced my BF and greatly improved strength. Iâ??d like to complete 2 cycles of a 2 week V-Diet with two MAG-10 Pulse Fast days with a Week of HSM and shakes in between to lean out and complete my â??transition.â??

I currently supplement with 2 Flameout and FA3 (twice/day), Superfood (2 scoops), Vit D3 (2000 I.U.), ZMA (3/day) and whole psyllium husk (2 TSP). Iâ??m intolerant to flax â?? prior posts recommend FA3 as an alternative.


  1. How many FA3 should I take in addition to the 5 Flameout?
  2. Any issue with taking the Vit D and ZMA on pulse fast days?
  3. If I order the V-Diet and pulse fast packages is there enough to complete the cycle? Itâ??s not clear if Iâ??d need to order a second MAG-10.
  4. Would I be correct to assume that given my already low carb diet I wonâ??t see much/rapid weight loss, but should see weekly changes in front/back/side photoâ??s and tape measurements?
  5. Reading though the posts itâ??s pretty clear that I shouldnâ??t plan on using my 5-3-1 program during the V-Diet phases; Iâ??ll use the V-Diet workouts. Do you recommend continuing the V-Diet workout during the week of HSM?

Thanks in advance.

  1. No

  2. The pulse fast package is enough for 3 days. The V-Diet package is for 28 days and will get you into the transition fairly easily, so the V-Diet package would cover your 28 days and some extra. Throw in an extra tub of MAG-10 for 4 days worth of pulse fast.

  3. You should probably post some pics to help Chris answer this question- but you probably wont notice large changes in weight loss but you should trim that last layer of fat off and prime your body for fat burning.

How tall are you? I can’t tell if you are 53 years old, or 5 foot 3 inches

  1. 3 to 4 servings per day.

Pics would be helpful. You may not need something this extreme.


I’m no expert, but it looks like just 1x 2 week cycle would do you more than good. Only thing is I think you may be disappointed with the lack of “show muscle” once you lose a lot of weight - no offense but you’re like me, not much mass to look forward to.

Not trying to be a dick, but if you lost even 10lbs you’d like more like boney than what you may want. If scale weight is your goal then I honestly can’t see how Vdieting and pulse fasting will help you with visual appearances. You may lose a lot of weight, but is that what you want to “see” in the mirror?

For example, I’m at 170lbs average, and I’m fatter in the lower ab/back area than you are…but I still maintain a bulkier look with veins showing in arms, forearms, and getting some in the nect/trap region with thicker arms. So If I were to lose another 10lbs I know I’d still look like I have some mass compared to where you may end up at. Like I said, not trying to be a dick, my friend, just being honest.

To me you should focus on recomposition vs weight loss. You don’t look like you carry much fat in the lower ab/back area since it doesn’t hang over your shorts. I just wonder if you could benefit from a 6 month clean “bulk” (nothing crazy of course) just hitting solid diet goals and upping your #'s in the gym. See where you’re at and then consider a “cutting” diet like the VDiet perhaps? Just ideas, I apologize once again if I sound like I “know it all” cause I don’t. Just ideas.

Quite honestly, I’d just hit some heavy weights in the gym ala HP Mass, 5/3/1, or other proven program here on TNation and really pay attention to your diet. Mag10, Anaconda + heavy training - best thing I’ve discovered since I even heard of “protein”.


I don’t think you need any type of V-Diet right now, messinn.

Honestly, I’d be shooting for clean mass rather than a strict fat-loss diet. Would love to see you do something like what’s outlined in my "Get Big Without Getting Fat article + Indigo-3G to make sure the extra cals and carbs “go to the right place.”




Thank for the advice (and the reality check). I started keeping a food diary and was amazed to find I was consuming so few calories. Will follow the recommended clean bulking program.


Chris, how strict is the no eating after 9p.m with the pulse fast? Is it really going to skew things if i eat something at 10p.m? maybe just start my fast an hour later at 8a.m the next day? Any help would be appreciated.


@Eazy: Sure, you could tweak it like that. Just shoot for roughly 36 hours of fasting, and of course that counts two sleep cycles.