V-Diet with Other Supplements?


Did anyone do the V-Diet without the recommended supplements, because all the recommended supps that come in the “package” come out to 500$. Just curious, the diet seems amazing, but 500$ for supplements might not be in my budget.


The V-Diet was tested and designed to use only the supplements recommended. Those who make substitutions usually fail the diet.

That said, keep in mind that the supplements replace 95% of your food for a month, so while the diet is not cheap, you won’t have a grocery bill for a month either. Some V-Dieters say this almost evens out.


To do the V-Diet u need the V-Diet supps, otherwise u can’t call it the V-Diet. However if you feel like sourcing similar products etc… i’m sure it’l be fine. Just don’t call it the V-Diet.

i did it with different supps once, i lost 28lbs in 28days. But again, if you want to do the V-Diet, buy the V-Diet.

I only changed things up because i’ve done the diet before and decided to make it my own a little.


By the way i’m still fat-ish so dont really take my advice.


Yea you are right, i keep forgetting that all i will be consuming is those shakes, makes complete sense. Also if I were to buy one of each of the supplements, would that be enough for 2 people for the month, because my dad wants to do this diet with me as well, and Im curious to know if the amount of supplementation can be enough for 2 mouths.


What the diet calculator sells you is enough for 1 person, if there are 2 of you, buy 2 packages. Like i said, using ‘‘similar products’’ might not give u worse results.


For me, the calculator was enough for the two week transition period and some, but most people seem to have just enough for the 28 days which is what is only covered anyway. So keep that in mind when you order as well!

Oh and on a side note I had a friend try to do this with supplements he bought on his own and it didn’t work out well at all. Not to mention that figuring out what he needed was also a huge headache!


Ya true, maybe what I will do is just buy one package and do the diet for 2 weeks and split the supps with my dad to see how it works out for him and if he likes it we will buy another package… thanks for all the help guys. Is there somewhere else where you can get precise schedule on when to take what supplements or are these just dumb questions? LOL


If you read the velocity diet page everything is explained and if you have questions the forums answer close to all of them.

I probably read the velocity diet page 20 times or so (not including the several years I debated doing it) and I still missed some small details.

But as far as what you need to buy (figures it out for you) when you have each shake, what you have in each shake, what your HSM (healthy solid meals) should consist of, and mindful eating + the training program to use with the diet are all there and plenty more.


Ok cool, Ya i just saw the place where you type in your height and weight and they give you all you need as far as what supps to take and all that stuff, thanks for helping, I get really ADD when im looking for stuff like that. BTW KCThrows, when did you do your V-Diet??


About 8 weeks ago I finished? I went right from the Velocity Diet to Indigo3G. I have a log about it too.