V-Diet with Nut Allergies?

How will it need to be adapted considering Metabollic and Surge contain nut products?

No one else try the V-Diet with nut allergies?


If you’re not able to use the products required due to allergies then you’re pretty much out of luck. Have you tried any of the products or do the allergy warnings scare you away? I don’t think they actually contain nut products as much as they are just manufactured in the same building as other nut products.

Nah, isn’t worth the risk, I’m Anaphylactic so I’m not too inclined to experiment with any products that contain nuts.

Thanks anyways…

Anyone have a suggestion for something other than Nut Butter?

I’m going to kludge together a Surge and Drive alternative (don’t really care that they won’t be as good to be honest).

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