V-Diet with Knee Brace?

Hi Chris-

I managed to get injured over the weekend and am now in a knee brace till I can see the ortho. Knowing I need to stay off of my knee, do you have any workout modifications you could suggest for V-Dieters? OR should I just skip the workouts for the time being and just do the diet?


The injury prone girl

Yikes, hate to hear about the injury.

A diet can still work without training of course, though I always hate to see someone diet for fat loss without some type of weight training. I’d suggest doing whatever you can manage, even it’s a few upper body only exercises. (Since workouts won’t be as tough without lower body work for while, you can cut the Surge Recovery in half.) If you have access to one of those hand-cranked egometer machines at the gym, you could use that for some short, fast conditioning sessions since NEPA will be limited.

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