V-Diet with Cardio & Yoga?

How could a group fitness instructor do the V-Diet? I have to do 3-4 step classes, one combo cardio-toning class, and 2-3 yoga classes/week. I know that’s problematic for the program but if I can figure out a work-around I’d like to try. How would I need to modify the diet and workout? Thanks!

Are you doing weights? If not then find another diet.

I am, definitely. Currently, I’m doing a workout I got from an article here by Jen Heath. I should’ve said that.

  1. You can definitely skip the NEPA walks.

  2. Yoga is fine. It’s the first thing I suggest to those already training hard with weights who want to do something extra.

  3. The other classes fall under “cardio” and as you know, cardio is a no-no on the V-Diet. But it’s also part of your job, so this is tricky. For now, run your calorie numbers, then whatever the total add 100 to 200. Let’s start there and see how you do.

The next step would be to add BCAA tablets to your supplement program:

Take 12 per day:

3 in the morning
3 before bed
3 before a class
3 after a class

This will insure muscle preservation.

Keep us posted.

With the numbers I got from your formulas, how does this plan sound?..

Off Days (Sundays):
1120 cal (at 56%P, 13%C, 31%F)

Moderate Workout Days - one step/toning class or just lifting:
1400 Cal (at 49%P, 26%C, 26%F)

Heavy Workout Days (lifting in addition to a class):
1560 Cal (at 52%P, 25%C, 23%F)

The percentages come from plugging each plan into fitday. I’ve been doing that for so long it would be a hard habit to break.

Does that make sense? For the next few weeks, until school is out (for the kids), I am not on a very set workout schedule. My lifting is scattered between what’s on the gym schedule and meetings and special things happening at school. I’ve got it mapped out and I’ll fit it all in but I can’t say M is this, T is that, etc. I’ll get a little more organized over the summer, I hope.

I’ll measure in the morning since that’s my Monday morning routine. That’ll be something of a benchmark although I’ve been making slow progress the last 3-4 weeks so it’s not a true starting point. Hoping to kick things up a notch so I’m excited to try this!

Thanks so much for your help, it means a lot to get your personal input!


OK, starting today I’ll keep track of things and update here just to be open to advice and direction.

Measurements this morning: waist - 30.5, hips - 35, thigh - 20.5, bicep - 11

I’ve been doing well and tracking things about a month already so this isn’t a true starting point - in the last 3 weeks I’ve lost exactly 1" at my waist but hopefully things will progress a little better then next few weeks!

I haven’t weighed myself because a. the scale is broken (probably just needs new batteries, though) and doesn’t really mean much. When I get a chance to look at the scale, though, I will just for the sake of seeing progress here.

That plan looks fine given your schedule.

I weighed when I got to the gym this morning…127.5

So, in my opinion, I need to lose about 10 pounds of fat and gain 5 in muscle.

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