V-Diet with Army PT


so I’m starting the V-Diet today. I plan on following the diet to the letter, but my question is about the workout plan. Since I’m active duty military, I have to do company pt every morning.

Our typical schedule consists of muscle failure every tuesday and thursday (which is so weak it’s a joke), a 2-4 mile run or sprints on monday and thursday, and a 4 mile company run on friday. Since our cardio days are M-W-F, would it be ok to do the workout in the afternoon on those days like scheduled, or should i move them to T-Th-S since I burn less on the muscle failure days?

I think either way I’m going to do the v-burn challenge on sundays. If it matters much, the rest of my day is spent at a computer so I really don’t burn many calories throughout the day.

Also, are there any modifications I should make to the diet to help cover some of the calories I’ll be burning on the cardio days? I know those arent figured into the V-Diet.



Since you have to do the mandatory cardio, you can slip the NEPA walk if you’d like (though it’s impossible to overtrain with just NEPA, so it won’t hurt to do it.)

Either plan you mentioned is fine. It may take a week of doing it before you know where best to put the workouts. So use the first week to get a feel for it and you’ll be good to go for the rest of the diet.

There’s a “1 scoop” bit of wiggle room built into the diet plan. This allows you to personalize it a bit. If you feel you need more calories, add 1 scoop to the day’s total, thus adding in some extra calories. You can also adjust 1 scoop down if needed (usually people who feel too full during the diet do this.)



I am also in the military and ran into the same problem that you did. Well, I thought it was a problem, but it wasn’t. I followed the diet exactly as prescribed, and basically did the same kind of PT that you are talking about every morning, and if I missed a NEPA walk at night, I didn’t feel bad since I already did a conditioning session in the morning. I stuck to the diet as prescribed, and I did not feel that I needed another scoop of Metabolic Drive. I just finished the four week first phase of the diet and I had good results.

Everyone is different though. Just don’t think that because you are in the military and have to do extra conditioning, that it won’t work for you, because it will.

Good Luck!


Well it looks like the military has thrown another wrench into this well oiled machine… it appears I have a 24 hour duty next week, from 0900 monday to 0900 tuesday. So what do I do as far as the diet? Just keep doing the shakes during the normal interval as long as i’m awake? I’ll be stuck sitting at a desk the whole time so it wont be very active work, but I’ll probably convince my sergeant to give me an hour to go to the gym to do that day’s workout.


Just spread them as evenly as possible and try not to miss any shakes.