V-Diet with a Cold?

Ok. Started the V-Diet yesterday. Last night and this morning I have a terrible chest cold. Tis’ the season when you teach for a living.

With that said, I feel extremely weak and somewhat sore in my back and chest due to bad coughing.

Any thoughts on what I should do? I have always resorted to comfort food when I’m sick. But, I’ve made up my mind to see this diet thru no matter what. I’m thinking about taking some cough medicine and possible using my meal today: low calorie, low sodium Progresso chicken noodle. If I have that around lunch time and take a mid-day nap we’ll see.

I also had some Vitamin C and hoping the additional fish oil can speed the recovery.

Workout will be tough tomorrow.


These questions are always tricky, mainly because there’s no real answer except to say “Do the best you can.”

Also, when talking about being sick, it depends on what kind of sick. Cold? Suck it up. Fever? Stay home, probably delay the diet plans until you’re over it.

Finally, it’s always tough to evaluate the “sick” person. I know people who will skip the gym and eat garbage foods for any reason like, “I think I might feel a headache coming on. Sitting on the couch and eating a can of Pringles should cure it.”

And on the flip side, some super dedicated people will attempt to train and diet hard when they have the FLU.

So, (here it comes)… do the best you can, even if it’s not perfect for a few days. But don’t use it as an excuse to raid Taco Bell.

Hey Kennedy - I got really, really sick during day 2-4 of my V-Diet. ALL I could think about was saltine crackers and chicken noodle soup, and the smell of the protein shakes made me want to hurl. I had chills, night sweats, nausea, dizzy spells - the whole 9 yards.

Everyone around me told me to just postpone the diet and eat some crackers, but I forced myself to stick to the shakes. Granted I had to take 2 sick days from work b/c I was so weak, lightheaded, and nauseas that there was NO way I could have worked - and not everyone is able to do this, I know.

BUT, I am SO glad that I stuck it out b/c by day 5 or 6 I felt like a new person and was SO proud of myself for pulling through :slight_smile: From that point on, it’s been a cake-walk. . .I think b/c the first few days were so friggin hard, it has made the rest seem that much easier :slight_smile:

Of course, as Chris said - it’s hard to measure sick, and you have to listen to your own body and make your own decision - just thought that hearing from someone that has been there may help :slight_smile:

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