V-Diet with a Broken Ankle?

Already ordered all the stuff I need to start this. Should be here this week. What I need to know is how to do this with a broken ankle. :slight_smile:

Currently I’m in a walking boot, but I can’t do a lot of walking so long walks are out. Most upper body training is possible, and some lower body as well. I’m kind of pumped to start, and don’t want to wait too long, but if I need to I certainly can.

(Just say that I can start and tell me how to overcome this. I’m really excited!) :wink:

Also, to note, I’ll have the walking boot off in 2 weeks and can walk without it, but I imagine the pain will still be pretty high.

Wait? That’s what I’d recommend. No injury should be made worse just because you want to drop a few pounds.

Wait until you can do the exercises, and you’ll probably see better results.


I would say that you NEED to wait. If you cannot go for long walks, chances are you wont be able to do the recommended 4 mph speed during it either. In which case, you aren’t getting the required NEPA walk in…

The same thing goes for the workouts. If you try to start the diet, you won’t be doing the V-Diet (not to say you wouldn’t be doing anything wrong with the feeding)

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