V-Diet with 5/3/1


I’m considering the V-Diet, but I’m really happy with my lifting program (slightly modified 5/3/1 with some accessory work).

Will this have a very negative impact on the V-Diet’s results?


For best results, follow a training plan with fat loss as the primary purpose, such as the one provided in the V-Diet.

For best results with a pure strength training plan like 5/3/1, don’t do an extreme diet with it


I didn’t ask about best results, I asked if it would have a “very negative impact”.

As in, would I go from (hypothetically) 10% BF% loss to 5%, or 10% to 7%? Obviously there are going to be variable results, but I was curious if anybody else had tried it and how significant the effect would be.

I understand the snark, I’m sure you get questions like this frequently.