V-Diet While Stationed In Asia

I’m stationed over here in Asia and could sure use some help:

  1. Can NEPA be done with other equipment/devices (swimming, stationary bike, etc.)?

  2. Is there a body-weight or dumbbell version of the V-Diet workout?

  3. Is there a training log template out there anyplace (I suck at Excel chart creations)?

  4. Once successful with the 4-week what would be the most appropriate workout to segue into next?

This V-Diet protocol ROCKS!

  1. Sure, just keep it light. It should not feel like “cardio” just extra movement.

  2. Not officially, but many have made it work. Lots of articles on bodyweight training and exercises subs here in the archives of T Nation.

  3. Just the outline in the V-Diet ebook, but no app or anything I’m aware of. My training log is a good old notebook and pen.

  4. I’d suggest anything in our archives that appeals to you and keeps you motivated. Change is always good (as long as it’s not too often of course.) Lots of ideas in the archives. Hard to go wrong with any T Nation workout plan, from Wendler to Thibaudeau. As for supplementation, Indigo-3G is the perfect supp for those finishing the V-Diet.

Thanks Chris, that was extremely helpful. I’ve limited access to the gym when I’m in the field (going heavy poundage) as was worried if I did lighter variations it might shoot the cardio element too high and effect the V-Diet outcome.

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