V-Diet While Injured?

Hi Chris how are you? Sorry to bug you again. I tore my rotator cuff (teris major/minor area) so I am off resistance work for a V-Diet come September 1st. However I was wondering, is it still okay to do the diet even without resistance work? The only things I can do right now are walking (I have a treadmill so I can adjust speed/incline) and sprints. I tried deads., no good; forget about anything that uses my arms, especially overhead work.

The only squatting I can do are front squats, and it still hurts, just not a ton. Is there any way to do the V-Diet with no resistance work, just cardio. and hiit, and if so, does it need to be changed at all (i.e. amount of macros., etc…)?

Thanks a whole bunch. Damn I am bummed.

Well, I’d never recommend any diet without resistance work. Especially with only cardio. Too much of a risk of muscle loss, metabolism slowdown, and yo-yo’ing etc.

Of course you can eat only HSMs and keep the “cardio” to NEPA-only activities until you recover, then take the more hardcore approach of a full V-Diet.

If you want to do it anyway, then you won’t need the Surge Recovery since there is no post-weight training period. I’d suggest 3 shakes per day, then a healthy solid meal at night. No traditional long-duration cardio, just some HIIT-style work and NEPA. See my article here for some tips (see bottom of blog):

Thanks for the response Chris. I think I will give it a go anyway. The calculator says to do 2025 cal. on weight training days and 1670 on off days. Should this be altered at all while can"t train?


Those numbers will give you a place to start. Feel free to adjust them weekly, up or down, as needed based on results.

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