V-Diet While Boxing?

I really would like to do the V diet but i’m a boxer. Can i just cut back on my cardio session to 45min 3x a week (low intensity) instead of 6x times a week and still do this diet?

Also i did read the article but on lifting days my calorie intake goes up a bit. But what exactly am i adding? just more scoops of protien. thank you

The calorie difference is you have the Surge Recovery drink on weight-training days.

Doing the V-Diet while training for a sport is trickier. Actually, any “diet” is trickier, especially one with reduced carbs, at that time.

A better option for you might be what we call the V-Diet Lite. Basically, you have a healthy solid meal at night and shakes all day (just fewer shakes). That way you can increase your solid food meal as needed to match the extra training that you require.

There’s no specific plan for that, but the idea is the same. Have a few shakes during the day, Surge on weight lifting days, then a solid meal at night instead of a shake.

Thank you, I think I will do that! So I’m probably not going to have the same kind of weight loss ass other V-dieters then.

You could, but we don’t want to see performance suffer for the sake of an extra pound or two.

Chris, I’m pretty depressed as I am not moving down in weight at all. I take in 1937 cals and about 200 hundred more 3xwk but I am not going down in weight at all. I’m 250±2lbs. I started the v diet this past Tuesday

Give it more time. It’s been 4 days of a 28 day plan. We can modify if needed after a few more days. And it sounds like you’re weighing, which was suggested against many times (at least not done often.) Measure with a tape, once per week.

Will do, i did weigh just because i do feel good.

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