V-Diet Weight Training and Crossfit

Hi Chris - I ordered the supplement package and it will arrive tomorrow. I have a question about the weight training and what will be eventual effect if substituted with CrossFit. I go to Crossfit 5 times a week and I teach crossfit classes 2 days a week. 2 of my workouts are with heavy weights - deadlifts, backsquats, etc.

I can not easily stop doing this and switch to the recommended training(i love it btw). Do you think I can continue doing what I am doing and still see the same or at least close results? Do I take SURGE Recovery after each workout or only after the weightlifting ones? If taken after each workout I will be at 1605 calories 5 days a week. What is your take on all of this?

Thank you for you time,

Surge Recovery is only for weight training sessions, yes.

Reduce Metabolic Drive by one scoop for the day to balance out calories.

You will run out of Surge early, BTW because the V-Diet package is meant to fit the V-Diet workouts (3 x per week).

Thanks Chris! The order is here and I got PB2 as you suggested in another thread. I am taking before pictures and starting tomorrow morning - wish me luck!

Luck has nothing to do with it.


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