V-Diet Virgin


i start this diet on monday in fact i cant wait lol
i have been dieting for 5 weeks now and lost a stone
my starting weight was 205lbs and now i weigh 192 lbs

this was lost in the first 2 weeks on a only eat carbs around workouts diets low gi an hour b4 gym and hi gi after worked but i was like a food scientist everynight working out what macronutrients i needed for the next day.then i did the maximuscle for two weeks but there is a lot of carbs on this diet
i think for the first time in my life i think carbs have an effect on my stomach{Appearrance}
i think it bloats me.i drink 4-6 litres of water aday and i read carbs retain a lot of water in the body.

then by the grace of whoever i found the V-Diet
i think this is what sorts the men from the boys and the woman from erm i dont how to phrase that,without the ladies getting offended lol
anyway i will let you know how i get on from monday on
wish me luck im gonna need it


Based on your other post, I see you’re not using a single recommended supplement in the V-Diet plan.

I understand you’re in Ireland, may have trouble getting the right stuff inexpensively etc. but all bets are off when you’re not really following the V-Diet. Basically, you’re not on the V-Diet.

Still, I wish you luck in your fat loss goals!


i will carry on anyway and can i still post any comments about weight loss if that is ok