V-Diet Underway

So I started my V-Diet today. Took pics, taped and weighed myself and I gotta say, it’s past the point in time I needed this kick in the ass. I measured all areas recommended, but I’ll post the important one for now; waist.

Height: 6ft 0in
Weight: 229.2
Above: 38.5in
Navel: 41in
Below: 42.5in

As you can see, I’ve got the pear shape going for me. I refuse to use the words “dad” and “bod” together. One, I’m not a dad. Two, I’m just fat plain and simple.

I guess that’s about it for now. I don’t know what information usually goes into one of these as this is the first I’ve done a log of any sort. I’ll update this on a daily basis hopefully, if not, I’ll update for the missed days.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Day 1:

Just had my first shake, vanilla with the Superfood mixed in. Was honestly a little wary at first from the looks of it, but wow does it taste good!

Day 1 in the books!

I tried all 4 flavors of Drive yesterday, and enjoyed each of them, the strawberry the least. It’s just like the other strawberry flavored proteins to my palate; pepto. That’s just me though.

I had my Monday usual steak, asparagus and sweet potato for dinner, coming in right at 606 cals, 67g pro, 26g fat, 26g carbs, according to myfitnesspal. I’ve been having steak every Monday for I don’t know how long; it gives me something to look forward to!

I forgot to say that I did some NEPA today.

NEPA: Incline treadmill (15%) (it was raining hard) at 4MPH for 30 minutes, for a total of 584cals.

Is that too much incline? I used to do this sort of thing when I was deployed and it worked great, but I don’t know if this falls under “exercise” for this diet. I’m trying to stick as close to the parameters of the diet and suggestions as possible.

Day 2:

Trying the superfood with banana cream for the breakfast shake. tastes just like a fruit smoothie.

I’ll be going to do my first workout at lunch today; I’m going with Advanced.


Knocked the workout out!

Bent-over Rows @ 165: 5, 5, 4, 3, 3 (started with 135 and did 8, but didn’t count those)
Overhead Squat: 5, 5, 5, 5*
Dips with 45lb plate: 5, 5, 4, 4, 2
Ab wheel: 10, 4, 3, 2, 1

*I haven’t attempted an overhead squat since high school 12 years ago and it was very humbling to say the least. I tried 135 and my arms started to give as I went down. I dropped down to 95, did 1 rep but on the second my arms dipped again. I dropped down to the bar and finished my sets at 5 reps each.

Now I’ve got something I can/need to work on!

UPDATE: Had to go a little outside the zone for the meal, but I did my best. Had a chicken quesadilla with extra chicken and jalapenos on a wheat tortilla from our bowling alley as it was the only thing open, and that’s about the “healthiest” option on their menu (read: not fried). I’ve been weighing my food for a few years now so I can eyeball 8oz of chicken

757 cals, 83g pro, 23g fat, 49g carb.

Nice work! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Keep up the intensity!

[quote]littlesleeper wrote:
Nice work! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Keep up the intensity![/quote]

Thanks! I’m hoping to see some good results. I’m really optimistic, but trying to stay realistic as well. I’ve got a lot to lose fat-wise and depending how this goes I might give it another round.

Day 3 Recap:

Shakes all day! At least they taste good. Made some breakfast for dinner. Quick, easy and delicious. Eggs, beans, and some back bacon. Been in the UK too long, their breakfast habits have rubbed off on me. There’s something about beans for breakfast…that I love. I underestimated the macros in my head and when I put it in I was over. I’ll just go on the low side one or two meals this week to compensate.

686 cals, 50 pro, 37 fat, 24 carbs

Did my walk thing at 15% @ 4MPH for 30 minutes again today. Treadmill read 597 cals burned.

I noticed today too that I am starting to get a little hungry in between meals. Not to the point where my body goes into starvation mode, which is bad, but there’s some hunger pangs for sure. Can’t wait to start seeing results!

Day 4 Recap:

The nutrition side of the house hasn’t changed obviously. Shakes n shakes.

Did Day 2 of the Advanced workout and kicked my own ass. Nearly threw up at the end there, but Plazma is expensive and I didn’t want to waste it!

Pullups: 8, 7, 5, 4, 3, 3, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1
RDL @ 135, easy 8; @ 225: 8, 7, 5, 4, 4, 3, 4, 3, 1, 1
Incline DB Press @ 45: too easy 8; @ 60: 9; 6; 6; 5; 4; 4; 4; 2
BB Curl @ 75: 9, 8, 6, 4, 4, 5, 2, 2
Knee Raises: 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

I only rested between exercises as long as it took me to set up. I love these kinds of workouts because they look so simple on paper but when go do them they kick your ass. The guys in my office asked what I did and was like, “Oh that’s nothing!” I challenged to do it once. No one accepted.

Made chicken stir-fry for dinner. So good. 8oz of chicken, fresh stir-fry veg, 128g white rice (cooked). 603 cals, 74g pro, 11g fat, 38g carbs. Homemade simple sauce was 1TBsp honey, 3TBsp low-sodium soy sauce, fresh ginger and garlic minced.

Could’vw sworn when I looked in the mirror this morning my face was slimmer, but it could just be that I want it to. We’ll see Monday morning for sure.

Hey everyone! They blocked T Nation at work and that’s where most of my browsing and chatting comes from. By the time I get home, it’s dinner and bed time. I took today off solely to show off my progress! I’m super happy about it. I’ll be uploading the pics from week to week here in a few. Here’s the stats in the meantime:

Day 1 / Day 28

Neck: 16 / 15.5
Shoulders: 48 / 47
Chest: 44 / 43.5 (about an inch or so above the nipple)
Chest: 41.5 / 40 (across the nipple)
Arm: 16.5 / 16.25
Hips: 41.5 / 39
Thigh: 28 / 26
Calf: 16.5 / 16

WAIST: 38.5 / 35 (about an inch or so above the navel)
WAIST: 41 / 38 (across the navel)

WEIGHT: 229.2 / 209.8
I’ve got pics on the scale each day but i’m having trouble uploading multiple pics to one post. (If anyone can help that would be great).

Day 1: 229.2
Day 8: 221.4
Day 15: 217.4
Day 22: 217.4
Day 28: 209.8

Almost exactly 20 pounds! I’m sure there’s a few things I could’ve done better, but working with what I had I’m ecstatic with the results so far.

Pics coming…

So here’s Week 1. Huge drop in weight. Noticeable belly reduction too. Happy camper after 1 week to say the least. When I stepped on the scale, it was definitely a shock, a much needed one. I didn’t think I was THAT fat. 229.2 - 221.4

Week 2: The slow down I call it. After the first quick drop the next 4 pounds didn’t want to come off so easily.

221.4 - 217.4

Week 3: No drop in weight. You can see it a bit in the mirror, but I guess that’s why they say measure yourself in the mirror not the scale! Was really disheartening at the time though. “A full week of work and no change! Ugh…is this even worth it?”

217.4 - 217.4

Week 4: There we go! Finally some progress on the scale and in the mirror. And a big one at that. I’m curious what’s going on in the body during those middle couple of weeks that slows down loss then BAM it all drops at the end.

217.4 - 209.8

And here’s a pic showing total loss for 28 days. When I look at it in this pic, it’s crazy.

I’ve got side shots too, but again having trouble uploading multiple pics to the same post.

OK! With all that said, I went ahead and ordered another couple weeks’ worth of Drive and got some HOT-ROX to try out. Going to give it another 2 weeks and see if I can’t get under 200!!! HAven’t had a “1” in front of my weight in I don’t know how long. The only draw back I see is the 4th obviously. I mean, I still have to live life and celebrate!! I’ll definitely be a lot more cognizant though, especially when it comes to drinking. When we party, we party hard!

So overall review of the diet:

The shakes are pretty tasty. I’ve never been a fan of strawberry protein, and this one is no different in my opinion. Tastes like pepto. The chocolate is like a thick milkshake (even with water) and vanilla is just delicious. The banana creme on its own isn’t too bad, don’t care for it, but with the SuperFood as the morning shake?! OH MAN. Tastes like I put fresh fruit and berries into a blender and made a shake. Seriously delicious.

I stuck with the advanced workouts, even though I struggled at first with the overhead squat. I wasn’t expecting to get big by any means, but I can tell there’s more muscle there than before. My legs and back especially. I need to start keeping a log to track my weight progress…dummy. But I definitely made gains in the weight department. Biggest news for me was I went from 1 bodyweight pullup at the first workout to now, where I can knock out 8 strict pullups!!! Got cocky Saturday and tried a muscle up…almost got it. Think that’s more technique than anything at this point. Another “wow” for me was the ab wheel. Before this I could maybe do 3 or 4 until I couldn’t. Now I’m doing 20 on the first set. For the next couple weeks I’ll add a pause for 2-3 seconds at the stretch to make it work more. Any other suggestions for the ab wheel?

The workouts weren’t tough in the sense that they were undoable. But damn if that rest period, or lack thereof wasn’t brutal. On RDL day, my lungs were killing it. Reps, 30 seconds of rest, reps, 30 seconds…till you’re done. Who needs cardio? lol Just do Deads with little to no rest in between! haha

But overall I’d recommend this program to anyone who is looking for that initial step in losing or anyone who needs that last bit lost.

Goals I made for the next 2 weeks:
10 pullups in a row (once I’m past 10 I’ll start adding weight. Can’t wait for that!)
1 muscle up
199.9 scale weight

Here’s my Day 1/Day 28 side shot. Dat gut tho! GEEZ

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