V-diet uk

Hi guys on my 5 th day feeling fine!
I have been doing my Nepa first thing in the morning almost as a warm up?a 4 mile walk then straight into the weights session! I see on here you have advised some to do the weights session first?Is there a serious reason for that?

I also see you mention some conditioning excersises are also ok to do in place of the NEPA each day ?
Loaded carries, heavy bag work,fast rope work for ten or fifteen minutes ,so is that cool now then instead of the steady 4mph walk that is recommended in the plan.i want to stik to this like glue as I’m a fat Fuka from England and I don’t want to mess up!

Though I am looking forward to my first HSM tomorrow!!
I will post some images next week! Good luck all!

  1. I don’t recall advising that, but I do not suggest doing fasted weight training. (It counterproductive.) Have a Metabolic Drive shake in your first or sip the Surge Recovery during the workout.

  2. Short conditioning sessions, 10-15 minutes, can be used in place of the NEPA, though NEPA is still great. Follow these guidelines:

Thanks for your reply! So its ok to do my NEPA or 15 mins conditioning in a fasted state, but then have my first breakfast shake before I do my weights session and sip my surge during the weight session? I have been doing both as I said ,in a fasted state for 5 days now !!

As you say it’s actually counter productive, have I actually just wasted my first week completely ??;-(
Do I need to start again ? What do you advise as I was 265 and 5"7 when I started this but feel stronger and fitter already after my first week ,though I have not weighed myself yet!!!

  1. Yes, fasted NEPA is fine since the goal there isn’t to build muscle anyway. But you need nutrients in you before weight training to make it optimally effective. Sipping Surge during is fine, or just timing your lifting some other time of the day besides first thing in the AM is fine.

  2. No, you haven’t wasted your first week; you just didn’t get the most out of your weight training sessions. No worries, just continue the plan, no need to add a week.

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