V-Diet Training

I currently train Crossfit/powerlifting, Can I continue to train the way i have been training while doing the v-diet? and I have a strongman comp coming up in 6 weeks, should I start the diet before or after the comp??

Generally, it’s best to save any fat loss plan for “off season” especially where strength is concerned.

While actual strength losses on the V-Diet are minimal and temporary (since the main focus is pure fat loss), the calories and carbs are reduced – usually not the best diet plan to be on for a strength-based competition.

Also, large amounts of fat loss, like with the V-Diet, can even throw off the mechanics for a big lift. For example, some big benchers rely on their belly or circumference of their chest and back – it shortens bar path and ROM. Fat loss can change this and mechanics may need to be relearned. Now, fat loss is GOOD of course for everything else, but it’s something to consider when dieting before a strength comp.

So, I’d suggest waiting.

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