V-Diet Training + Martial Arts?


Hello guys!

Just started my V-Diet yesterday for the 2nd time did it back in 2007. So im really excited for this time around, back then it didnt have the Superfood or l-luecine or even a concrete work out plan. So im totally excited for the results i am going to create in round 2 :slight_smile:

I have a real good question in that i train in martial arts (Jeet Kune Do) 3 x a week for 2 hr classes, mon,wed,sat. Some classes are straight cardio circuit training some are more relaxed technical training so its kind of hit and miss with the classes. What I am wondering is with the v-diet and the work out schedule already planned would the martial arts hinder the V-Diet in a really negative way with the extra calorie burning than whats designed.

And as the diet is planned take 2 scoops for Surge on work out days - would it be a bad idea to take say 1 scoop after martial arts to help stay away from the muscle eating… Im really only worried about monday and wednesdays classes because those are both workout days sunday is my v-challenge day. class is at 6pm-8pm so i work out around noon at the gym. Let me know your thoughts, appreciate it greatly thanks!

  1. You may skip NEPA walks on cardio-like martial arts days, though NEPA won’t lead to overtraining (it’s just movement.) However, it does free up some time.

  2. You can add one scoop of Metabolic Drive per day if you feel you’re burning through too many calories. It’s not much, but it fits within the “wiggle room” built into the plan.

  3. If you the feel the V-Burn pushes it too much given your martial arts training, skip it. But if you feel good (or good enough; it is a hardcore diet after all) then do it.

  4. Surge Recovery is for lifting only. Surge Workout Fuel would be a better option for intense martial arts workouts. Sip before and during. Or, if you want to keep carbs out, use MAG-10 or Anaconda. I’d lean toward Anaconda given its super-hydration benefits. Now, if those added cals prove to be too much for fat loss (doubtful) then drop one scoop of Metabolic Drive on days they’re used.

I know that’s a lot of choices, but when you drift from the plan you have to modify a bit.

The good news is that it’s probably harder to lose muscle than we think, especially when you’re jamming in protein shakes, aminos, and doing resistance training.

Keep me posted!