V-Diet tracking - Female with a wedding on the way

I’m doing the V-Diet as my wedding is in June and I want to feel confident on the day, rather than worrying about my ‘flabby’ bits! I suppose this is a last ditch effort but I’m willing to give it a try. I’ve never really tried other diets before so I guess the only thing I’m worried about is the unknown.

I am 32 year old female, 173cm and currently 75 kg. If I could lose at least 5 kg I would be pleased, but realistically I’m less concerned about my weight and more about how I will look and feel in my wedding dress! Hopefully I can gain some good eating habits along the way.

Measurements as follows:
Neck: 33cm
Shoulders: 51cm
Chest: 91 cm
Waist: 85 (above navel), 93 (across navel), 95 (below navel)
Hips: 105
Upper arm: 28 cm
Upper leg: 62cm
Calf: 39cm

I have some pictures which i’ll post later.

Here is the front photo

Day 1 completed!

I’m feeling motivated this morning and was able to get through a crossfit session without noticing any obvious flatness. The WOD (scaled) was:

3 rounds for time:

200 m run
10 x ring rows
200 m run
10 x burpees
200 m run
15 x kettle bells (12 kg)

I enjoy running but am conscious that the V-Diet recommends you don’t run. Our coach is aware I’m doing the V-Diet so he recommended just going 80%. I actually enjoyed this WOD and found I was able to keep up with everyone. I suppose I am only one day in though!

As far as the protein shakes are concerned, they don’t taste that bad and I haven’t felt any side effects. However, I made a mistake this morning and put 2 scoops of plazma in 1000 ml of water. I couldn’t drink it - it was just far too sweet and tasted terrible. Hopefully the smaller scoop in less water will make a difference.

Day 2 completed! I’m still feeling good and don’t have any complaints this morning going into Day 3. I took my dog for a walk for 30 minutes and looked forward to my shake this morning for breakfast.

I feel less bloated which is fantastic and last night I noticed I took more interest in chewing my dinner and enjoying the taste.

Reading other diet logs on here it seems the hunger pains start to kick in around Day 10 but personally I think this weekend may be a turning point for me. I can’t remember the last weekend I’ve gone without alcohol and/or takeaways so I’m interested to see whether I’ll be craving it or not. Time will tell!

Day 3 - and my first Friday night on the V-Diet completed! I can’t think back to the last Friday night I have had without drinking at least one glass of wine. For me that’s a huge sign that I’m committed to seeing this through.

After my 3pm shake I struggled all the way through to dinner. I felt pretty tired and couldn’t concentrate on my work as I just kept thinking about what was on the menu that night. I ended up leaving work and doing some errands to keep my mind on other things and thankfully that worked.

This morning I did the beginner V-challenge and took my dog for a walk.

After incorrectly using a double scoop of Plazma the last time, I made sure I had the correct amount this time. Even with the correct quantity it is truly awful!! I can’t get my head around how people are able to drink it as surely I’m not the only one who thinks it’s terrible. I’m not sure that even diluting it further will mask the taste.

I think I’ll space out my lunch shake and afternoon shake to avoid the craving issues I had yesterday.

Day 4 done and dusted! I felt good all day and actually looked forward to each shake. As it was Saturday night I went out to dinner with friends and found it quite easy to choose the lighter meals and refuse dinner. I did treat myself to a small glass of wine - is that naughty? Well yes, probably but I can only myself accountable.

I’ve found myself chewing gum throughout the day to combat any thoughts of chewing anything…but I think this is more of the psychological side of dealing with things. Overall, my mood has been good and perhaps because I’m feeling less bloated I’m enjoying how things are going so far.

Day 5 completed! It was a busy day as I had a few errands to do and babysat a friends child. With so much going on I really didn’t give much thought to my diet and as a result I overlooked my lunch and mid afternoon shake. Looking back I thought I would have been dying with hunger but I think my body has adapted quite well to the liquid diet throughout the day and dinner at night.

I woke up this morning feeling sluggish but I think that is more due to the fact it is Monday today!

Day 6 completed! I’m a week into this diet and although it’s still early days, I can already feel changes as to how I feel, my energy levels and a slight change to my overall figure. While the scales are showing minimal change (around 2 kgs) the fact I don’t feel so bloated at night is a huge driving factor for wanting to continue.

Eating one meal has not been difficult for me, in fact its made things easier for me as I don’t have to spend the time trying to work out what to eat. I’m defintely an all or nothing kind of girl - by not eating anything during the day (other than drinking shakes) it completely removes the temptation to buy a small candy when I’m out running errands.

Crossfit this morning was:

Front squats - 8 x 3 reps: 52kg

3 rounds of (scaled):
400m run
60 skips
20 deadlifts (25kg)
10 front squats (25)

Time: 13:30

Nice work! I think a 2kg change in a week is awesome. Some might say a little too much (or rather, that isn’t fully sustainable). But I’m sure a lot of the change is water and other fluids your body might have been hanging onto. Hence less bloating.

It looks like you’re at a nice starting point, and I bet you look great on your wedding day.

Nice work on those squats, too, by the way.

Thanks booksbikesbeers - I have digital scales and I find they are not that reliable so true to form when I checked the scales this morning it’s gone up by a kg. In some ways I actually think it’s a blessing in disguise as I have become less reliant on how much I weigh and more about how I feel. Today is exactly 1 month till my wedding so your kind comments are very much appreciated!

Day 7 completed! I am have now completed 1 week on the diet and it’s exactly one month till my wedding.

My partner is not doing the V-Diet but has been very supportive of what I’m doing. I’m not sure if he’s just being the perfect fiance but he seems adamant he can already changes to my figure. I think it has more to do with the fact I started crossfit training 3 weeks ago.

In terms of food cravings, yesterday was the first day I really felt like eating everything in sight! I needed to stop at the supermarket for dinner that night but chose to just go to the local corner store to prevent myself from buying something out of food impulse!

I ended up eating 3 pickled mild chillis and 1 pickled artichoke. I’m reading this laughing at how ridiculous it sounds because boy did I feel so guilty for eating these afterwards. I actually felt guilty for eating vegetables! Let’s not forget that before starting the V-Diet I would usually feel guilty for drinking a bottle of wine and a tub of icecream in one setting.

Day 8 completed!
Feeling strong! Today was a good day. For my dinner I was out with friends and we went to - of all places - a burger joint. I was a bit dubious about all the temptation going to this but in the end I had a mushroom patty burger without the cheese. They were quite small and it was pretty much just lettuce, mushroom patty and tomato so in all it really wasn’t too bad.

I’ve stopped taking the plazma drink completely. I just can’t stomach it - it truly is the worst thing I’ve ever tried. I have no idea how people can drink it! Even when I’ve tried to dilute it I know the bad taste i’m looking for so I can taste it immediately. My mind has won that battle.

Crossfit was this morning and it was all about the lunges. Lunge, lunge, lunge…my legs are like jelly now and I have to go up 40 steps to get to my office.

I’m feeling positive, happy, and not hungry - hooray!

Day 9 and 10 done!

I missed my entry yesterday as I spent the day with my friend walking and then having a bit of a papering session with a massage. Since I haven’t been running whilst on the v-diet I was I interested to see how I would go climbing the 1000 steps, which is a popular climbing track here. I made it without trouble and no signs of light headedness which was actually quite surprising.

Despite this I have now woken up with a terrible head cold and feel quite rotten. Typical this happens at the beginning of a weekend!

Cool stuff, jujurobbo. Sounds like you did the perfect thing on the burger night out. It’s amazing how almost everywhere you go it’s possible to find meat and vegetables if you’re dedicated enough to see them.

And I also think your snack binge on pickeled stuff is not bad at all. My wife and I will frequently eat a pickle or two if we have a weird craving for food. They are soooo satisfying.

I’ve never had Plazma, so I can’t really speak to the flavor problem. But I’m pretty sure it is mean to be used with flavor enhancements. Do you have these:

Keep on rockin! Only a few weeks to go.

Day 11 done!

I had a night of weakness and after a few drinks I had a bag of lolly snakes. There you have it, my confession of sin!

Day 12 done!
I am getting to the point now where I’m getting sick of the taste of the shakes and have even skipped shakes simply because I can’t be bothered having the same thing again. I know it’s not the ideal thing to do, but what is strange is the fact I am choosing now to have anything rather than eating a snack. I guess some habits can change sooner than 21 days.

One thing that has become very obvious is how much less my body actually needs to function than what I was eating in the past. That alone has been a big wake up call for me that I have clearly been over eating, and certainly eating the wrong types of food.

I’ve started mixing ice cubes, water and the protein shakes in a blender for a thickshake version of the shakes just to mix things up a bit. Over the weekend I must admit to drinking more alcohol than I should have and had a slip up on the Saturday night when I ate a bag of lolly snakes!

I keep thinking I should take my measurements to see how I’m tracking but I think I may just wait until the end and (hopefully) see the biggest change.

Day 13 done!
Yesterday I was home alone and around lunchtime the old thoughts of binge eating came in. I was half way up the stairs with a bag of chips and dips when I stopped myself, turned around and put them back. It’s strange how some days I go off eating/drinking all together then other days that’s all I think about.

Crossfit was this morning and I’m getting stronger so that’s a good sign!

Midway Measurements - so far so good!:

BEFORE: 33cm
Now: 32cm

BEFORE: 51cm
Now: 46cm (seems a huge difference? Perhaps I measured wrong to begin with)

BEFORE: 91 cm
Now: 89cm

BEFORE: 85 (above navel)
Now: 82cm

BEFORE: 93 (across navel)
Now: 88cm

BEFORE: 95 (below navel)
Now: 92 cm

BEFORE: 105cm
Now: 101cm

Upper arm:
BEFORE: 28 cm

Upper leg:
BEFORE: 62cm
Now: 58cm

BEFORE: 39cm
Now: 39cm

Day 14 done!
I was late home last night so struggled with dinner options. I ended up going to the local turkish takeaway and had a Falafel meal. For something I used to order extra bread with, drink 2 glasses of wine and still be hungry after eating it…well I couldn’t finish just the normal meal this time! I only had a little bit of bread and I was still full.

I’m still quite shocked by the difference in the measurements I took from starting this V-Diet and the midway measurements. To be fair I don’t think there is that much difference when I look at myself - it’s more how I’m feeling and how my clothes fit.

I’m on the home stretch now!

Day 15 done!!

Crossfit this morning - lots of box jumps and burpees and I wasn’t really into it this morning. I don’t think it was a case of being lethargic, I just think it was more that I didn’t enjoy it.

I’ve learnt that cups of tea and chewing gum are my best friend on this diet.

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