V-Diet Tips and Tricks


Fellow V-Dieters: I am on my second round of the V-Diet and just finishing week 2. I did the original V-Diet back in 2008 and had great results… I am doing the diet again because I had a major surgery last August and was sidelined from working out for 6 months and needless to say I gained some weight due to non-activity and emotional eating/beer drinking.

I know when I did the V-diet the first time I was on this forum every day and any tips or tricks from Chris or V-Dieters were greatly appreciated so I figured I’d share a few things that have worked for me in hopes that it might encourage you guys out there to push through any sticking points that will arise.

  1. Day 1 and 2 are easy because you’re pumped up… Days 3-12 WILL SUCK. You will crave food, friends will be inviting you out to dinner and happy hour - your stomach will hurt and you will have gas that smells worse than anything that has ever come out of you … Your mind will play tricks on you and you will question if this is really worth it. Trust me it works!! I lost 20lbs and 5 inches off my waist on V-Diet 1.0 and have already lost 8lbs and 2 inches after two weeks of this go round.

  2. Weeks 3-4 and the following 2 weeks of the transition phase are easy. By this time you are dialed in mentally and you will start to see results in the mirror, not just on the scale. Your facial and belly bloat will start to fade away, you will look younger and more attractive, and your confidence will soar.

  3. You will probably be experiencing stomach problems by day 4 and if they are still there/getting worse by day 7, try this: On a non-workout day after your last shake of the day, drink a half or whole bottle of Magnesium Citrate. You will wake up in the morning and literally clear out your entire system. Make sure to go to the bathroom before your NEPA, if not I PROMISE it will hit you during the middle of it and you will struggle to make it home in time!! After this, drink plenty of water during the day and mix in a can or two of La Croix sparkling water to help ease the stomach. Some might disagree with this point but it is worth trying this versus quitting the diet.

  4. 8-12oz of sparkling water per day seems to really help me. For some reason it eases any stomach discomfort and is a welcomed flavor change. Keep these to 1 per day and remember plain water is always your best option. Unsweet Green tea is also a good flavor change every once in a while. If you are a diet soda drinker, I challenge you to try and drink one sometime after week 2. The syrupy taste will make you gag and it’s a good confirmation that your taste buds are indeed changing.

  5. Don’t over think this diet… simply follow it EXACTLY the way it is written and I promise you will see results. Follow the workouts/rest periods to a tee!! When you start substituting or adding exercises to the workouts, you are not doing yourself a favor… Trust me, Chad Waterbury and Chris Shugart have dialed this diet in with precision… you are not smarter than they are so trust it!

  6. Remember this is a rapid fat-loss diet! Your goal should be rapid fat loss and rapid fat loss ONLY! You will lose 80%+ of your weight based on your calorie deficit… yes, the NEPA and workouts do play a role in stoking your metabolic fire, but the physique improvements you will see in the mirror are not a result of the workouts… they are the result of a major loss in body fat that was covering up your muscles in the first place.

*EVERYONE has different physiques and metabolisms. One week you might see a 5lb loss and the next it might only be a 2lb loss. Do not get discouraged, these numbers fluctuate and usually have a ton to do with how regular you are going to the bathroom. Keep going and know the results will come if you just stay strong and follow the diet. Take it from a V-diet veteran.



I meant to upload pics from day 1 and day 34. This is day 34. The pic in my original post is day 8


Day 1


Great transformation!