V-Diet Surge


Hey Chris, I have a Surge question for you. The past 4 days have gone very good, and I haven’t cheated once, and am going to have a Smart, well chosen Healthy Solid Meal tomorrow, as I will be working and dancing at a Ballroom Competition all weekend, and unable to have my HSM on Sunday. But the other days I am teaching, am I allowed to substitute or add an additional Surge shake …? I’ll be more specific… I ended up teaching pretty hard tonight, which I didnt mean to do. I didn’t life or train hard the rest of the day. Would it be advisable to have a Surge Recovery Shake after teaching …? The same thing may happen over the weekend, as Sat and Sunday, I teach dance fitness classes back to back for 2 1/2 hours total …?

Thanks again for your time!



Since your volume is higher, sure. Start with one scoop – sip a little before, a little during, and the rest after, and let us know how that works for you.

Great avatar, BTW.


Thank you …

And, Thank You. MY Avatar pic is a friend of mine. His name is Cody McCasland, and he is 10 years old now. He runs, he bikes, he swims. And his goal is to be on the Olympic Swim Team. On a personal note, I look at this picture when I feel like cheating on the diet!!! Or when I don’t feel like lifting or training … Get’s my arse moving every time. I also found out about a little more behind the scense of this pictue, if you’re interested. There’s a video I watched of him running in this race. His Mom was video taping, and all you heard over the crowd was his Mom screaming, “Come on Cody! You Can Do It! Come on Cody!” … The second point that hit me (And actually Inspires me to DO and BE More [And I believe there’s a difference between Inspiritation and Motivation …]) … This picture was taken just as he crossed the finish line. And he finished the race dead last. He ran the whole race watching everyone in front of him cross before him, but he never gave up. And he crossed the finish line with the same smile he had as when he started …


I may have to steal that pic and toss it up on my Twitter account!


Go For it!!! I made this pic my Iphone screen saver so I would have to look at it dozens of times a day, and help me stay focused and working hard …


inspiring bro