V-Diet Surge Recovery Question

Hey Guys, 4 the day on V-Diet and all is well. Down 4 pounds already.
Just one question. Can I substitute the Surge recovery. I have already
puked a few times, don’t know why. Maybe the sweetness syrup taste, but
I don’t know. All the shakes and supplements are going down fine, was just
wondering if a different recovery formula would mess things up greatly.
If so I will just bear it.

Thanks again for everything,

Nope, no replacement. Would throw off the overall plan to much.

Surge Recovery tastes like a sweet treat to most V-Dieters, but if you don’t like it maybe you could use extra water and lighten the flavor.

thanks Chris,

Could I maybe use a little less than 2 scoops?

i actually look forward to work out day because it tastes way better then the shakes lol, yes they are super sweet (way sweeter then my liking), i wonder if it really is that sweet or its just “sweeter” because of the heightened senses on this diet?? im also on day for, well im finishing my last shake of the day actually. i would think any deviation from the pre calculated dosages would throw it off

What flavor are you using? Might want to switch to another. The raspberry is way too sweet for me, but I like the chocolate flavor.

[quote]dimitri1 wrote:
thanks Chris,

Could I maybe use a little less than 2 scoops?[/quote]

That would lower your calories, perhaps too much, which could throw off your results.

Ok, thanks Chris and tech9. I will try the chocolate.

The colder a beverage is, the less you perceive the sweetness of it. Try mixing it with lots of very cold water and drinking it with lots of ice cubes.

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