V-Diet Support


Hi Chris,

A lot of info on the site, but it’s difficult to navigate. I’m on day 12, and doing great. I’ve been blogging my progress, and my last past has 20+ triathletes salivating over more information. Most are contacting me because they’re having problems navigating the site and getting answers. Ok, triathletes tend to be type-A, ADD, and OCD… so I’m not sure if you should thank me for sending them your way, or I should apologize to you for doing so. :wink:

Side note, is the google group still going? Velocity Victors. There doesn’t seem to be much support / interaction in the forums, other than yourself, and certainly no interaction on twitter. Your account there seems set up to send out motivational quotes every once in a while, but that’s about all I’m finding. I’m over the hump of temptation, but more interaction with others would’ve been helpful in the first week of the diet.

Thanks in advance! Day 12 and holding…


If you guys have any questions, this is the best forum to post them in (“Ask Chris”).

Sorry, I have nothing to do with any Google or V-Diet Twitter group, though I do have an account there myself for fun: @ChrisShugart. It’s not V-Diet related though, just nutrition, training, motivation and failed attempts at wit.

All V-diet info is contained here:

Many don’t seem to get the tab system, but it’s pretty easy to navigate when you get the hang of it.