V-Diet Supplement Package, Energy?

Hello ive been following Tnation on facebook for a while and I am very seriously thimking about doing the VDiet and ordering the supplements.My question is do you have any recommendations on any other supplements for energy or anything before I order.Thanks in advance.

I used to drink AT LEAST 2 energy drinks a day before doing the VDiet. If you can suck it up through the first 3 or 4 days you will be fine. Im on day 11 at the moment and I havent picked up one energy drink or even a pre workout. Sorry if this isnt the answer you’re looking for but if you want to follow the diet to the “t” I would recommend just pushing through roughly the first week. It was tough but my body thanks me for it

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My question is do you have any recommendations on any other supplements for energy or anything before I order.[/quote]
I guess the question is, do you have a problem with low energy in general or, if you do an honest self-assessment, are you a caffeine junkie like most of America? (Note: I’m typing between sips of a 32oz coffee, so, yeah.)

4 weeks without an energy drink wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. The same way the V-Diet can help kick the urge for junk food, it can also help kick the urge for energy drinks. You can still have coffee/tea with the V-Diet, but like Valdeezy said, following the plan to the letter works for tons of people.

The V-Diet Package has everything you need, including workout nutrition to fuel you through the weight training workouts, but there’s nothing with caffeine or stimulants required or included.

Some people do add Hot-Rox as a fat-burning boost but, again, it’s totally not necessary and isn’t something to add from day one. Try the plan as-is for a solid week or two, and then assess where you are and how you’re feeling.

Black coffee and unsweetened black or green tea are all fine and even helpful for weight loss.

Pre V-Diet I had a medium cup of coffee with one cream every morning, and often an 8 oz red bull later in the day. I’d have half a spike tablet before workouts.

For V-Diet (which I started 5 days ago), I ordered Hot Rox and haven’t had any other stimulants besides that. 1 pill first thing in the morning, and 1 pill 15 minutes before training. Or if training is in the morning, then 1 pill right before that and no second pill that day.

I’ve been feelin’ good.

Thanks for the responses.I have been doing a carbcycle plan for almost a year and I have lost 25lbs down to 205lbs,and several inches,so I am used to taking pictures and measuring.I have been sticking to it, I am a construction foreman but I don’t sit at all and im very active at work and walk at least 2 miles a day and carry things through out the day and then sometimes workout after work.I drink an 8oz coffee every morning and the same for a preworkout,it works for me.Ill just give it a shot and post my experience and adjust from there.This site is very informative

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