V-diet Summary from Sweden

So I started the V-diet sep 1st and today is my last all shake day. Tomorrow phase II starts. I’ll just outline my diet plan and results. And then go through the misstakes I made and last some of my own thoughts.

My measurements before.

Weight: 103,2kg (227lbs)
BF: too much, didn’t get it measured.

I did get my whole body measured but it’s all in the metricsystem so you’ll have to convert. But here it is.

Ankle: 25cm
Calf: 41cm
Knee: 42cm
Thigh: 63cm
Hip: 104cm
Belly: 103cm
Waist: 95cm
Chest: 109cm
Shoulders: 130cm
Neck: 43cm
Biceps: 37cm
Forearms: 31cm
Wrist: 19cm

I’m not really a strong guy. Was an athlete earlier in my life but collage, to much beer and cigarettes took it’s toll. I’ve been training seriously for the last year. Well thats me.

Started off with calories at ~1600/1400 first two weeks and then lowered to 1400/1200. Before the diet started I packed all the portions into bags so that it was all done. The supps where put in small plastic cups. And I was good to go.

Week on was tough, I fell off on my second day and hade about 10 plumbs from my garden. But I got right back to it, and stayed with the program the rest of the week. My SHM was way out of hand, I ate way to much.

I think this is what stalled my progress. Well second week was hell, i dreamed of food I planned what to eat saturday for my SHM as early as tuesday. Still I pulled it of, but again got out of hand with my SHM.

So that sucked. 3rd and 4th week was easier, the week days was not very hard. Although SHM still wasn’t as good as it should’ve been these week were better than the first two. Also I moved the last SHM to thursday to make the last week a little easier.

I stumbled a little on the road but I made it through. It wasn’t perfect, but I got there. So here’s the final results.

Weight: 94kg (207lbs?) -9.2kg/21bs
Ankle: -0,50cm
Calf: -2,00cm
Thigh: -3,00cm
Hip: -4,00cm
Belly: -7,50cm ~3"
Waist: -6,50cm
Chest: -6,50cm
Shoulders: -5,00cm ~2"
Neck: 0,00cm
Biceps: -2,00cm
Forearms: -1,00cm
Wrist: 0,00cm

I’m happy with the results, I didn’t use the HOT-ROX or any other stimulant. So might have lost more with one of those.

There you have it folks feel free to bash n’ trash, or whatever.


Well done. Great pictures, great results.

Hey Teo,

Those results look darn good for falling off the wagon a few times and over doing your HSM. Stay with it! You will be a new slimmer and trimmer you before you know it.

I fell off at two weeks, but continued with the V-Diet Lite for the last two weeks. I saw the inches come off, but not so much in weight. I really feel it in the upper chest area. Clothes are hanging on me there. Hopefully as soon as I get new med in system, it will help straighten things around and maybe a bit more weight will come off. Still using shakes three times a day and two HSM’s. On the weekends I usually have three meals. I don’t know how long I will continue this way, but as long as I am still seeing results and I can afford shakes, I will continue.

Slow but sure for me!

Thanks Teo for checking in on me during my time on Diet. It sure helps to have a support system.


Thanks for the kind words. Transition is going smoothly, shakes is starting go get really boring. It at least I get one meal a day. My meals now are way better than my SHM was during phase I. So I’m hoping to get a little more fat off.



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