V-Diet Success


I decided to complete the Velocity Diet just before my 36th Birthday, and have to say I am quite happy with the results. My thanks to @Chris_Shugart, @Chris_Colucci and everyone else at Biotest/T-Nation for all your hard work and the amazing resources you’ve put together. I could not have done this without your help.

I found that I was able to stick to the plan about 95%, had a few curve balls thrown in, but that’s life. I did learn the hard way that accurate tape measurements require someone’s help, so my numbers are inaccurate and do not give a good representation of my gains/losses.

I’m not sure how soon I will do another V-Diet, or rather IF I need to do another one! I am back on a solid eating and exercising schedule and will keep at it over the Holidays. Feels good to set a goal and accomplish it!

Starting Measurements
Neck: 15.25"
Shoulders: 46.5"
Chest: 43.25"
Waist 1: 34.25"
Waist 2: 35.125"
Waist 3/Hips: 33.25"
Upper Arm: 12.75"
Upper Leg: 22"
Calf: 15"
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 180lbs

Ending Measurements
Neck: 14.75"
Shoulders: 46.75"
Chest: 41.6"
Waist 1: 31.3"
Waist 2: 32.5"
Waist 3: 32.75"
Upper Arm: 13"
Upper Leg: 23.1"
Calf: 15"
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 179lbs

Progress Pics




Dude, those progress pics are bananas. (No pun intended) Fantastic work.

Even if you don’t need to run it again anytime soon (which I agree), you know that you can get through it and see the results, so now it’s a tool you’ve got in the back pocket for a beach prep or whatever. Great going.

If keeping a training log helps you stay on track, check out the T Nation page. In any case, it’s definitely a good idea to head into the holiday season with some kind of plan to stay on track since it’s when most people slip up and deal with temptation anyway. This explains a few practical ways to approach nutrition.



Many thanks! I will give the T-Nation training log a try and am reading over that article on Holiday Diet tips. I appreciate it BIG time!