V-Diet Success/Failure?

Ive gone through some threads, seen a lot of ‘in process’ and a few successes, is there anyone out there who has done the diet and felt it was a failed experiment? Has everyone been happy with their progress? Done it then 6 months later back to the previous weight?

I’m just looking for a few more opinions.

Not one single person has had a less than stellar experience?

*Just to clarify, i’m not trolling for negative responses, I’m just naturally skeptical when I see 0 negative experiences.

What do you mean by less than stellar?

I’d say most V-Diets aren’t stellar because you have a lot of people do the diet who don’t have any muscle to expose once the fat is gone, thats not stellar in my opinion.

That said the diet IS a good way to drop a lot of fat fast. Whne done correctly.

Somethings do work when done right.

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