V-Diet Starts Soon


Hi so a little about myself before I start this…i am very nervous and excited!

My name is Devin and i am 23…In the Air Force, I have been up and down weight wise since I joined (usually down on deployments) I used to be an avid runner which kept my weight down until I fractured my ankle and had to stay off of it for 6 months…got lazy had a family etc.

Anyways i weighted in on monday at 220 and started a low carb healthy eating diet to prepare for the V-Diet. Got in my protein and supps yesterday and im excited! Been very frusterated and angry with my eating habits and really just want to cut down. My goal is 185 in the next 3 months. I will be starting monday coming up and will do measurements and post pics then. Cant wait!


Good luck on the diet, man. Fellow veteran here myself, Marines. The diet is tough, but the results that come with it are well worth it and I am not even done with it yet. :slight_smile:


Good to see a fellow military man.

Good luck and be sure to ask if you have any questions. There are a lot of people reading your log that have been there and done that. They can offer lots of insight and/or advice.


Looks like we started the same time. How is it going for you? The first week was hard for me in terms of getting tired of the shakes, but I feel really good getting back into the gym. Have my VC-Challenge workout in about an hour then I can rest until Monday afternoon.


Hey guys thanks for the encouragement! Today was actually my first day and the first shake did not want to go down…But forcing it down as we speak. How important are the flax seeds? Anyways here are my measurements and will post pics tonight when i get home. Man im fat!

Height- 5’10 1/2
Weight- 218.2
Neck- 15.5
Chest Upper- 40.5
Chest Lower- 39
Waist at Navel- 41.5
Waist at largest- 41.75
Hips at largest- 42.5
Upper Arm L- 14.5
Upper Arm R- 13
Upper Leg L- 23.25
Upper Leg R- 23.5
Lower Leg L- 15
Lower Leg R- 15.25
Ankle L- 10
Ankle R- 10

I hope to get below 200 for the first time in 2+ years and get some muscle built! Can’t wait for the workout today!


Don’t worry so much about scale weight. It’s just a number. Instead, take pictures and focus on how you look. Hypothetically, if you lose 20 lbs of bodyfat and gain 20 lbs of muscle you would weigh the same but I bet you would look aesthetically much better than if you lost 20 lbs of BF. The point is, nobody cares how much you weigh. It’s all about what you see in the mirror. Sure you can lose BF faster than you can gain muscle (for most people) but who wants to be skinny with no muscle?


Ya man i definitely hear that. I am 3 shakes down and it seems to be getting a little easier! Workout coming soon then i will post pics…so excited to hit the weights!


Ok here is my pics…eww. But anyways i had a great workout today! definitely feeling it lol here comes peanut butter shake!


Side Pic


Front pic


Good luck Eagle!

How are your bowel movements so far?

Just curious, thinking about starting up as well.


Hey thanks alot, so far i havent noticed any change shit still shits just fine :slight_smile: lol


Good to know man! Also, how are the cravings?

My wife and especially my co-workers don’t think I can see the V-diet through. Looks like a challenge, gonna start up next week.


Devin I’m brand new to TNation also, in fact I haven’t began yet. I have the same body type as you, and frankly I am getting tired of being called the michellin tire boy, or pillsburry dough boy, my only harship is getting started, do you have any tips as far as how you got started?

Ps I am now following your progress, please update a lot!


Hey thanks for following! I hear you on the fat jokes…my co-workers tell me to get a bra…ask my me cup size etc… got me pretty tired of it. Ok so basically i started out last week with low -carb starting weights for 5 days…then on the weekend i kinda ate my last cuople of “fatty” meals that i would miss LOL.

As far as now i am on day 3 and feel great…have really no cravings to be honest unless someone at work brings in panda to spite me…in which case i leave till they are done lol. I feel alot better and i wont weigh myself till next sunday before i eat my HSM that night so get a progress update cause Chris recommends once a week.

Any other questions let me know. The only thing i will admit is tough is the morning and dinner shakes with the superfood and flaxseed…those are hard as hell but just gotta push thru it.


Superfood: try taking with warm water by itself, it’s almost like a tea.

Flaxseed - personally I wouldn’t add it to my shake, I would try to down it separately by itself.


Man, you think you have it bad, i get called Tons of Fun, Fat man, Chubby wubby, java the hut(however you say it), i even got a Tshirt that said do the Truffle Shuffle


Superfood isnt bad at all but the flaxseed is driving me crazy…how else would u down it lol put it in my mouth 2 tbs and swallow? LOL


Hah ya it sucks man but just prove them wrong and do the diet! i think its awesome and i cant wait till my first weigh in! By the way im from the DFW area where you at in big tex?


[quote]EagleDevin wrote:
Superfood isnt bad at all but the flaxseed is driving me crazy…how else would u down it lol put it in my mouth 2 tbs and swallow? LOL[/quote]

Away from the shakes, with a bit of water, but yep. Basically. The stuff sucks for me. Got to find a way though. Learn to love it.