V-Diet Starting This Week


Hi Guys,

I am what we would call slightly mesomorphic, bordering on the hard-gainer type of body. I am starting the V-Diet this week as soon as the supps come in. I am 6’1" and 195 lbs, have been lifting for 10 years, 7 of those consistently, with some decent gains in strength and size. I tend to lean out towards the summer but never fully get the true abdominal definition I am looking for, though I usually am able to see some obliques and 2-4 upper abdominals.

Generally speaking do I seem like an appropriate candidate for the V-Diet?


For sure. The V-Diet isn’t just for people who have a ton of fat to lose. People use it as a kind of “finishing touch” when they’re approaching seriously lean. A handful of guys used it as a part of their bodybuilding contest prep. So, stick to the plan and go for it.


Awesome, thanks for the advice. My one fear is losing hard-earned muscle, especially in the arms, should I add 1 exercise for tris as there are no “direct” triceps isolation movements?


You’re doing some kind of press in every workout, 4 days a week, so you’re really not likely to lose arm size (unless we count fat as “size”, then yes, it’s okay to lose a bit of arm “size” since it means an increase in definition). If you can’t resist though, some people choose to tack on a few sets of “targeted work” at the tail end of one lifting session (not the v-burn).

Nothing too high volume or super-high intensity since you’re still on fairly low calories and don’t want to tap into recovery too much. The workout and diet were designed to coordinate with each other as-is.